Extensive initiatives and calls around the world were launched - and are still - during this critical period, to support those affected by the repercussions of the emerging "Corona" virus, which is sweeping the world, leaving behind many losses on several levels.

In parallel to the efforts of governments and countries to limit the spread of the virus and its effects, by adopting various forms of isolation, quarantine and curfews, celebrities and stars of the artistic and social community in many Arab countries and around the world are active to support official efforts in combating this pandemic, after they came from the early days For the beginning of the crisis, calls for supporting the needy groups in societies and providing all forms of financial and moral support to them in the face of the consequences of the new "Corona", which began to cast a heavy shadow on the street in a way that can no longer be ignored or overlooked.

The “Good Challenge”

The start from Egypt and the “Good Challenge”, which was launched by the Egyptian Al-Ahly player, Saad Samir, in cooperation with the Resala Charity Association, and the initiative soon found positive echoes and unprecedented interaction, with the Egyptian player announcing that he would meet the needs of 20 Egyptian families, to roll A ball of "goodness" this time, after which the art, media, press, sports and society stars bids will be awarded.

While artist Mohamed Ramadan announced that he donated two million pounds to the Ministry of Health in his country, the star Yasmine Sabry donated one million pounds. While the singer Tamer Hosni sponsored the support of 400 Egyptian families, each of: Asala, Ghada Abdel Razek, Hind Sabry, Dina El-Sherbiny, Amir Karara and Amr Youssef declared each of them 100 families in need.

The same applies to Mona Zaki, who announced her sponsorship of 80 families, followed by Angham and Ahmed El-Sakka.

In more than one way for good, the Tunisian actress Hind Sabri revealed that she took care of the needs of 100 Egyptian families, and she also initiated her country and the Tunisian Ministry of Health in her campaign to resist the global epidemic by 50 thousand dinars. On the other hand, the star Dora announced that she sponsored the expenses of 30 Egyptian families, and donated them to another 50,000 dinars to Tunisia.

In addition to dozens of stars who announced varying value numbers to support the Egyptian families affected by the epidemic, the participants in the “Challenge of Good” will reach large numbers of artists, media and businessmen, in light of expectations to expand the scope of participation to include other social spectra capable of giving, and activating its role in Supporting governments to overcome this circumstance.

National Rescue Fund

In Tunisia, he announced the creation of a fund of 700 million dinars, with the aim of contributing to the structuring of institutions affected by the emerging “Corona” virus, as part of a complete government assistance plan, while the national fundraising campaign, which was introduced on the margins of the crisis, was able to raise large sums to be provided to the health sector in Tunisia. In parallel, rapper Karim Gharbi, known internationally as "k2rhym" (Cadurim), announced his intention to put his entire fortune under the command of his country, Tunisia, in its war against the new virus "Corona" emerging on its soil.

The Tunisian actress Latifa announced her donation of 100 thousand dinars for the benefit of the anti-virus fund, followed by this step by players in the Tunisian football team and the efforts of a number of art stars in Tunisia, most notably the artist Manal Amara, who invited her colleagues in the center to donate in order to help the state to Confronting the Corona Virus.

Public campaign

In Lebanon, a television program on a private Lebanese channel turned into a public donation campaign live, after Marcel Ghanem, the presenter of the program, received dozens of communications announcing the donation of their owners to the benefit of the Lebanese Red Cross and government hospitals in Lebanon to counter the virus, to exceed the total donations before The end of the episode is over a million dollars.

On the other hand, the Lebanese channel «MTV» launched a campaign (# Your Health_By) to collect donations and assist institutions, societies and hospitals in combating the spread of the “Corona” virus in Lebanon, and participated in it alongside children, many art stars in Lebanon such as: Wael Kfoury, Assi Al-Hillani, Jessica Azar, and Haifa Wehbe, who announced a donation of 20 million Lebanese pounds (13,000 dollars) for the benefit of the Rafic Hariri Hospital and the Lebanese Red Cross. Singer Elisa donated a sum that she refused to disclose, indicating that she was ready to provide food rations to a number of affected families during this period. As a deputy in the Lebanese parliament announced that she put her entire monthly parliamentary allocations at the disposal of Tripoli Governmental Hospital to counter the "Corona" virus, and donate two million Lebanese pounds to the Lebanese Red Cross.

"One Night" for the Stars on "YouTube"

The famous talk show: "Rosie O'Donnell Show", which was presented and produced by actress and humorist Rosie O'Donnell, returned to six seasons from 1996 to 2002 only one night (on the 22nd of February) on the live digital broadcast on YouTube, to serve as a fundraising platform for the Actor Fund, It is an organization that provides many services to the needy in the field of theater and entertainment arts, and has allocated its donations to help those affected by Corona. The actress and the comic combined with a bunch of the most prominent acting and singing stars, such as Morgan Freeman, Matthew Broderick, Darren Kreis, Sarah Jessica Parker, Gordon Sparks, Gloria Stefan and others, more than $ 500,000, which included $ 100,000 from Rosie O'Donnell herself.

Rihanna is in the lead

"Pop" Rihanna topped the list of international stars in the area of ​​donations to confront the emerging "Corona" virus, after she announced that she would provide $ 5 million to help families affected by the quarantine imposed in the United States.

Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively donated $ 1 million to food banks in the United States and Canada. And the matter went to Lady Gaga, who donated 20% of her earnings within a week to food banks in the United States.

While many Hollywood stars have not lagged behind sending private messages to the public that they should stay at home and take all preventive and safety measures.