The Al Maktoum Charitable Organization paid 15,600 dirhams for the treatment of the patient "Abu Jasem", who suffers from chronic diseases (high blood pressure, heart problems, and stroke).

The director of the office of Sheikh Hamdan bin Rashid Al Maktoum, member of the Board of Trustees of the Al Maktoum Charitable Organization, Mirza Al Sayegh, said that the authority spared no effort and was not late to meet any assistance for humanitarian cases that need financial support, especially the sick cases published in the «Emirates Today» newspaper across the line Hot, including the case of Abu Jasem, who needs expensive medicines and suffers from chronic diseases, expressing his thanks to the newspaper for adopting such cases. The "hotline" coordinated between the authority and the Islamic Affairs and Charitable Activities Department in Dubai to transfer the amount of the donation to the patient's account in the hospital, and the patient's family expressed its happiness and deep joy by standing beside it, in light of the suffering that it is going through.

And «Emirates Today» published on March 25 this story (Abu Jasem - 71 years), who suffers from diabetes of the second degree, and high blood pressure since 2017, and needs to be treated on a daily basis, as the complications of the disease increased during the current year, due to irregular eating Medicines, what caused him many chronic diseases, including high blood pressure and heart problems, and this led to a stroke, and he needs treatment costing 15 thousand and 600 dirhams for a year.

The medical report of Obaidullah Hospital in Ras Al-Khaimah said that the patient was admitted to the emergency department in the hospital, and underwent urgent tests, including radiation, to check on his health condition, as the results showed that he had a stroke and was suffering from high blood pressure and sugar level, so the medical team concerned took steps The medical necessary to save his life from danger.

The report continued that the patient stayed in intensive care for a period and then transferred to the general department, and received appropriate treatment, and he was given special medications to control his health.

Ibn Al-Mardib had previously told Emirates Today the beginning of his father’s illness, saying: “In 2017 my father used to irrigate trees at home, so he felt very tired, sweaty, lost body balance, and head rotation, where he fell unconscious, and we took him to the emergency department In Obaidullah Hospital in Ras Al-Khaimah, after analyzes, medical exams and CT scans, it was found that my father had a stroke, a sharp rise in blood pressure, and symptoms of second degree diabetes. ” He explained: «My father stayed in intensive care for a week, receiving the necessary treatment and care, and after that he was taken to the general department for three weeks, and when his health condition improved, the doctor treating my father’s condition stressed the necessity of continuing to take medications on time, and that not taking them would cause him complications Dangerous healthy. He added: "The doctor advised me to organize my father's food, in order to prevent another rise in blood sugar or pressure, and he should practice walking every day and take enough time for psychological rest."

Ibn Al-Mardi continued, “My father’s condition has worsened this year, as the previous health insurance covered the costs of his treatment, and after its completion this year I could not provide the costs of medicines that may seem simple to many, but the cost is high for my family.” He explained that he is the only breadwinner for his family members, as he left his previous job due to the abandonment of the company he worked for, as a result of a loss.

The patient is admitted to the emergency department and suffers from high blood pressure and sugar levels.