It's a pleasant weekend with a clear sky and clean air, but it will be shiny until tomorrow (28th) morning.

Seoul's temperature will be 2 degrees lower than today, and Sejong's 3 degrees below zero, some areas will show sub-zero cold.

Luckily, I will be warm again from daylight, but there are some places where the daily intersection is close to 20 degrees.

Be aware of temperature changes.

Meanwhile, dry warnings are in effect in Seoul and other parts of the Midwest.

In the future, as the weather becomes more dry, the newsletter can be expanded and strengthened.

You should also be good at managing embers.

Tomorrow, the central region will turn blue.

It will rain a little until daytime only in the East Coast region.

The amount of clouds in the southern region will increase from the afternoon.

Daytime temperatures Gwangju will rise to 16 degrees, making it warmer than today.

Warm weather will continue for the next week in general.

(Ahyangbin Meteorological Caster)