Earth Hour is one of the largest environmental initiatives involving hundreds of capitals and major cities around the world, to highlight the need to take decisive measures to address the challenges facing the planet, such as climate change, global warming, and an unprecedented decline in rates of biodiversity.

This global event, which takes place on the last Saturday of March, comes in exceptional circumstances, where a stubborn virus invades the world and imposes on millions around the world a stone that seems the best solution to confront it.

The Earth Hour was organized for the first time in the Australian city of Sydney in 2007, then the scope of the event expanded to become a global solidarity movement in which millions around the world participate, by turning off the lights and unnecessary electrical appliances, in addition to extinguishing the lights of the most prominent landmarks and buildings around the world, from 8 : 30 to 9:30 pm.

And in order to rational leadership to spread environmental awareness among members of society and support global efforts aimed at reducing carbon emissions, the Dubai Electricity and Water Authority organized the "Earth Hour" for the first time in 2008, making Dubai the first Arab city to participate in it.

Over the past 12 years, the Emirate of Dubai achieved impressive results in reducing electricity consumption and carbon emissions, and during the "Earth Hour 2019", the Dubai Electricity and Water Authority recorded a decrease in electricity consumption in the emirate of 267 megawatts, equivalent to a decrease of 114 tons of carbon emissions.

The managing director of the Dubai Electricity and Water Authority, Saeed Mohammed Al Tayer, praised government and private agencies, and members of the public, who participate in the "Earth Hour" every year.

Al Tayer stressed that the goal of "Earth Hour" is not limited to achieving savings in consumption and reducing carbon emissions within an hour, but rather that rationalizing consumption and preserving the environment is a way of life to contribute to limiting climate change. Dubai Electricity and Water Authority celebrated the "Earth Hour", which came across yesterday, under the slogan "Express your voice for nature."