Investigation related to robbery again at the prize exchange office in Pachinko Tokyo Mizuho Town March 27 13:53

Late on the night of the 26th, a man with a knife tried to break into a pachinko prize exchange in Mizuho-cho, Tokyo, causing employees to get hurt and escape. A robbery was happening last week at another nearby gift exchange, and the Metropolitan Police Department is investigating the connection.

According to the Metropolitan Police Department, at 11 pm on the 26th, a 77-year-old male employee went outside and tried to close the shutter at a pachinko prize exchange at Mt. Approached from behind and threatened to "open the door."

When the employee shouted, "Dorobo" and pressed the emergency call button, the man ran without taking anything and ran away. At this time, the employee was injured in the middle finger of his right hand.

The man who ran away was thought to be in his twenties, was about 1 meter and 60 cm tall, was wearing a black jumper, and had a mask on his hat.

In Mizuho-cho, a two-member robber with a knife broke into another prize exchange about 300 meters away this month, and about 7 million yen was stolen.

The Metropolitan Police Department is investigating the connection and investigating the whereabouts of the man who fled as a robbery injury case.