Akita Two New Infections Confirmed New Coronavirus March 28 2:18

Two foreign men and women living in Yurihonjo City, Akita Prefecture, have been confirmed to be infected with the new coronavirus. The two are staying in Sendai with their friends this month, so the prefecture is looking into detailed actions.

According to Akita Prefecture, the infections were confirmed in two women living in Yurihonjo City, both females in their 20s and males in their 30s.

The two had a fever of over 37 degrees this month and visited a separate medical institution, but the fever continued, and on the 27th they visited a returnee / contact person and examined them at a prefectural institution. , That the infection was confirmed.

We are coordinating with the medical institution about hospitalization because both are not seriously ill.

Two of them are ALTs who teach English at elementary and junior high schools. They are ALTs who teach English at elementary and junior high schools. Stayed until 22nd of this month.

During this time, he visited a large shopping center.

Of the other six, four are negative and two will be tested after the 28th.

The two people who were confirmed to have been infected visited the staff room of the school they worked for during this time, but did not have direct contact with the children.

Akita Prefecture will investigate detailed actions and confirm that there are no other close contacts.