Tokyo Metropolitan High School, etc.

The Tokyo Metropolitan Board of Education has sought to reduce the risk that students will be infected with the new coronavirus. We decided to go to school to avoid crowded time.

In response to the spread of the new coronavirus, the Tokyo Metropolitan Board of Education is preparing for a new semester, starting next month, for metropolitan high schools, junior and senior high schools, and special needs schools that have taken temporary closure. We are.

Among these, guidelines for preventing infection were compiled and published on the 26th of March at the Board of Education held in the Tokyo Metropolitan Government.

According to the report, it is important to reduce the risk of infection of students, and they will take measures to disperse students by setting school days for each school year from the beginning of the new semester until the next 12th month. .

In addition, to avoid public transportation such as crowded trains as much as possible, we will take measures such as slowing down school hours.

These measures may be extended depending on the status of subsequent infection.

In addition, it was indicated that if a student or faculty member were found to be infected, the school would be closed temporarily in principle for 14 days.

The Metropolitan Board of Education will inform these schools of these guidelines soon and seek action.