Chinanews client Beijing March 25th (Ren Siyu) In this special spring, the cherry blossoms on the streets of Wuhan gradually opened, but there were no bustling tourists in the past.

On Weibo, a jewellery designer named @ 荒 农 Pheobe drew a jewellery version of the Wuhan cherry blossom map. Wuhan University, Qingshan Park, Qingchuan Hotel, and East Lake Sakura Garden. Each cherry blossom viewing location has a unique Cherry blossom landscape. Some netizens said, "It seems like seeing the beautiful Wuhan".

The eye-catching Yangtze River Bridge, the exquisite Yue Wang Gou Jian sword, the majestic Yellow Crane Tower, as well as hot dry noodles, crayfish, pork rib soup, etc. Stay in Wuhan for dozens of days. All turned into fine jewelry.

"Sakura" series jewelry design (brooch). Source: Photo courtesy

Want to use Wuhan to “rectify the name” of Wuhan

The author who designed these "Wuhan Exclusive Jewelry" is Fang Longhuizi, a jewellery worker living in Wuhan, and a GIC design teacher at the School of Jewellery, China University of Geosciences.

The girl from Yangzhou, Jiangsu, went to school, worked and lived in Wuhan. On the day Wuhan declared "closed city", she and her husband were planning to return to their hometown in Yangzhou, but after considering it for a long time, they chose to stay like most people. .

Fang Longhuizi. Source: Photo courtesy

In the early days of the outbreak, out of fear and ignorance, there were a lot of voices on the Internet that rejected Wuhan and discriminated against Wuhan people. One day, she brushed up some weibo on Weibo, and she was really angry with the other party.

"From anger to sadness, at this time I realized that I really love the city very much." Later, she felt that this endless scolding war was meaningless, and determined to use her expertise to draw jewelry with the theme of Wuhan. Design drawing, I hope to show you a real and beautiful Wuhan.

In the beginning, Fang Longhuizi designed Wuhan's scenic spots and architectural landscapes. For example, the "Yellow Crane Tower" praised by many netizens: In the picture, the yellow crane crane's head is upward and the wings spread out in a guarding posture.

"Yellow Crane Tower" jewelry design. Source: Photo courtesy

"People in the past have taken the Yellow Crane, and here is the empty Yellow Crane Tower. The Yellow Crane is gone forever, and the white clouds are empty for a long time." Landscape, for tourists, this is a must-have place to go to Wuhan.

During her eight years in Wuhan, she accompanied her friends and relatives to the Yellow Crane Tower countless times. She remembered that there was a ceramic mural called "White Cloud Yellow Crane". The fairy crane and auspicious cloud showed a fairyland-like feeling. Yellow crane symbolizes longevity, and she also hopes to express her beautiful expectations in the design drawings and pray for Wuhan.

"Jianghanguan" jewelry design. Source: Photo courtesy

The mountains are green, the water is green, and the East Lake in Wuhan is Fang Longhuizi's favorite scenery. She was in love and married by the East Lake, and lived by the East Lake to watch spring, summer, autumn and winter, so she also integrated her life and emotions in the jewelry design drawings of Wuhan.

"East Lake in Wuhan has large expanses of metasequoia, which are particularly good-looking and more beautiful than flowers. There are romantic colors throughout the year, and waterfowls flutter."

A few years ago, Fang Longhuizi and her husband went to Luoyan Island in East Lake to play. For the first time, she saw a piece of metasequoia. Her husband told her what was the root of anger and explained the knowledge of migratory birds. She always remembered the beautiful scene at that time: the setting sun The waterfowls are graceful, and the autumn metasequoia forest is dyed goose yellow and fiery red. She painted the beauty and memories into the jewelry.

"East Lake Metasequoia" jewelry design. Source; photo courtesy

In the dozens of days of Wuhan ’s “closed city”, painting became Huizi ’s emotional outlet, and her creations are also increasing: Wuhan cherry blossom, Jianghanguan, Guqintai, reeds on the Hankou River Beach, Hubei Provincial Museum, gourmet snacks ... "I want to record it all in my own way so that everyone can see these beautiful things, and I hope that Wuhan will always be as brilliant as jewelry."

How to paint Wuhan into jewelry?

Painting Wuhan elements on jewelry is not an easy task. Fang Longhuizi admits that the landscapes such as cherry blossoms and Huanghelou are beautiful in shape, and the more difficult is the daily food such as hot and dry noodles. It requires both artistic arrangements and reasonable craftsmanship to make the state of jewelry. In a few days, it takes another four to seven hours to write.

These ingenious gourmet jewellery have also been talked about by netizens: hot dried noodles, Wuchang fish, heavy oil roasted plums and three fresh tofu, pork rib soup, spicy crayfish are all the most familiar Wuhan cuisine.

Eight years ago, Fang Longhuizi came to school in Wuhan from Jiangsu, and found that people in Wuhan love to eat while walking with paper bowls, and for the first time knew "premature". The "Yao Yao hot noodles" at the school gate has become the reason for her early rise many times in college. The hot and dry noodles with sour beans and crispy fried noodle nests, she said, were called a "floating" (Wuhan word "comfortable").

On the one side, the diners eat noodles, and on the other hand, the chef keeps burning noodles and fried noodles in the hands of the noodles. She wants to draw this lively street scene, so the left side of the item is just oil. The noodle nest of the pot is filled with boiling water and zlazila oil; on the right is a bowl of hot and dry noodles, decorated with green gems, which are onions and sour beans that you can choose.

"Premature" jewelry design. Source: Photo courtesy

But in another beautifully shaped "Wuchang Fish", she did not think about how delicious the fish was, instead she used the outline of the fish to draw a part of the Wuhan map. Among them, the gem is the location of the lake in the city, and the outline under the fish body is exactly the location of the Yangtze River. "It is a home-cooked dish on the table of Wuhan people, and it is also the symbol of Wuhan and the river."

In Fang Longhuizi's opinion, Wuhan is a "river and lake" city, so Wuhan people are also famous for their love of fish. During the epidemic, since the food purchase situation has gradually improved, whether it is friends and family in Wuhan or neighbors in the community group, everyone is thinking about "Living fish" and miss the umami taste.

"Wuchang fish" jewelry design. Source: Photo courtesy

I hope to make brooches, etc.

This series of "this is Wuhan" jewelry design drawings has received tens of thousands of likes and reposts from netizens. Some people commented: "Because of your work, you have fallen in love with Wuhan!" Some people often ask: "It will be made of jewelry. Do you want to buy it? "

Fang Longhuizi was surprised by the sudden attention of netizens. When she first painted, she didn't think about practicality and cost, but only how to look beautiful and gorgeous, so if it is completely restored to the physical cost, recently, she is Try to modify these designs into cultural and creative forms such as brooches so that everyone has the opportunity to have them.

"Sakura" series jewelry design (brooch). Source: Photo courtesy

Among the many comments, what moved her very much was the words of a volunteer: "I was a volunteer who recruited overseas medical supplies for Wuhan and Hubei Hospitals during the epidemic. I only saw the work of Miss Sister today. This city, guarded for months and nights, is so beautiful, watching and crying ... "

Fang Longhuizi said, "I see this kind of message as more meaningful than anything." She hopes that the designed postcards can be delivered to medical staff and volunteers.

Source: Screenshot of Weibo comment

Today, “Here is Wuhan” has launched 18 large pictures and 5 small brooch style pictures. Next, in addition to continuing to update Wuhan city and life, she also plans to start painting in Wuhan universities. Wuhan University, China University of Geosciences, etc.

A few days ago, Fang Longhuizi wrote on Weibo: "I used to take a look at Donghu Road on the balcony before going to work. There was always a traffic jam every day. I thought every day if there was no traffic jam. This time was three. I have n’t been jammed for a month, but I miss the days before. I ran to the bus station, crowded buses, sturdy drivers, lively streets, and blocked the school all the way. Ordinary is lucky. "

She said that after the epidemic ended, what she wanted to do the most was to go to the East Lake, take a walk and bask in the sun. (Finish)