Receiving child "I can't quit given my place of residence and mobile phone" March 26 12:04

In a case where a 22-year-old man was arrested for sending a "child" to receive cash to elderly people in various places who had been deceived by the fraudulent phone, one of the children was "living" I was given a place, suit, and a mobile phone for fraud, and I couldn't quit. "

Last year, Ukasu Tokunaga, a jumper from Urayasu City, Chiba Prefecture, repeatedly dispatched “acceptable children” to nine elderly people in Kanto who were fooled by a fraudulent phone impersonating a son. Was arrested for fraud and sent to the Public Prosecutor's Office on the 26th.

It is believed that Tokunaga had lived in one room of a building in Urayasu City and sent them to various places, but the arrested 20-year-old had already been arrested. When I was in trouble with money, I was given a place to live, a suit, a mobile phone used for fraud, and I was instructed to become a child, '' an interview with investigators said that he explained the situation at the time. Was.

After that, he said, "Even if I say" I want to quit, "I was threatened with" If I want to quit, introduce another child instead. "

The Metropolitan Police Department is elucidating that there is a scam group indicator behind it.