With the importance of adherence to domestic isolation in the current period, the spread of health instructions, reinforced by the importance of social separation, and the issuance of decisions to adopt the "communicable diseases law", many families resort to adopting technical means to communicate, gathering through visual communication programs, and others find an alternative way to meet friends And breaking the psychological barrier of isolation, and Emirati families found in these applications a solution for communication and breaking the isolation imposed by the current conditions.

Psychiatrist Dr. Paula Dorlovsky says that "anxiety in such a period is a natural reaction to the psychological stress caused by the spread of the emerging corona virus (Covid-19) and the necessity of applying social divergence."

Dr. Dorlovsky stated on the "Main Line Today" website, that social estrangement means "avoiding going out in public places and sitting at home and avoiding gatherings, as stopping schools, universities, places of worship, and business, means stopping personal interaction between individuals during the coming weeks, the matter Which may cause high anxiety, fear, depression and loneliness. ”

Virtual pool

Often, the weekly gathering corresponding to Friday between members of the same family is a major routine in the UAE society, but some chose to apply this gathering by default depending on social media and the application of the idea of ​​visual communication, Wafaa Al-Sayah says, It is a necessary weekly routine, where all family members, sisters, brothers and grandchildren meet in one house. ”

She shouted that she and the rest of the family members «and following the instructions and in order to avoid the spread of the virus and its transmission between family members, we preferred to gather through one of the visual communication applications, and the experience was largely positive», explaining that all the family members were together and exchanged parties to talk and see some of them Some, each in his home, “The idea was comfortable as I think it reduces the burden of isolation that we have chosen to adopt to help limit the spread of the virus.”

Social events

Fatima Rashid Al Taha developed the idea of ​​visual communication into something more fun and enjoyable, as she often used to establish weekly moments and gatherings for her friends, “But now the matter is completely different, as she turned this gathering completely on the visual communication platforms .. where I make sure to prepare the place.” Beautifully, I also connect my favorite dishes and sweets to my friends ’homes, and we gather at the same time through one of the video calling programs, by creating one group in the program,” explaining that it is kinda fun, and that it is «a temporary alternative that is necessary, especially for women Who used to meet and gather almost daily, ”which makes isolation Home appliances are difficult for them.

Daily documentation

Shama Al Shamsi chose to convert the idea of ​​visual contact with her friends and family into documenting her diaries in the kitchen and with her children, noting that “especially before Ramadan, we often experiment with different and new recipes, between sweets, drinks, and new unusual dishes, which I often tell my friends During our gatherings, however, I find in the idea of ​​video communication an easier and more practical way to transfer my recipes directly to my friends, ”indicating that it is at the same time“ a positive way to spend time in home isolation in an entertaining way and breaking boredom ”.

Dr. Dorlovsky recommends that during this period of time spent spending more time at home, people should be careful about their psychological and emotional health, as much as possible, stating that there is a set of helpful advice to achieve this:

1 Watch and analyze your feelings in a way far from prejudice, and this technique helps to calm one's strong feelings and think in a more logical way, and to act with more skill.

2 Create a stress relief plan, which can be represented in many ways, which can include enjoying a warm and soothing bath, watching a comic movie, choosing fun games, or playing sports.

3 Despite the importance of following news and events in the current period, it can increase the psychological pressure on the individual, which means the importance of taking breaks from local and international news, as exposure to news throughout the time and throughout the week of the week, can turn into a negative influence on health Psychological, where studies show, according to Dorlovsky, that continuous and prolonged exposure to stressful causes may cause physical symptoms such as headaches, stomach problems, high blood pressure, heart disease, and sleep problems.

4 Take care of your body, it is important to eat healthy eating, prepare integrated and balanced meals, and exercise routinely and regularly, while making sure to get enough sleep, and avoid eating drinks and unhealthy foods.

The weekly gathering of family members is one of the main things in the UAE society.

Anxiety is a normal reaction to stress.