[Background] The large bowl filled with 95 degrees Celsius broth, cooked quail eggs in 1 second, and cooked meat in 5 seconds ... a trick of "No-Fire Cooking" that passed the bridge rice noodles for 300 years. Today, the bridge noodles have become China's national intangible cultural heritage and are also included in Chinese snacks. Recently, the reporter walked into Mengzi City, Honghe Prefecture, Yunnan Province, the birthplace of bridge rice noodles, and explored the "secret" behind its "Chang Xian".

[Explanation] The boiled soup is served on the table, and the prepared ingredients and rice noodles are added. Although the method of eating the bridge noodles is simple, the process of making authentic bridge noodles is very painful.

[Explanation] Wang Lizhu, the intangible cultural heritage of the national-level intangible cultural heritage, told the reporter that soup is the soul of the bridge noodles. I get up at 3 am every day to cook soup, and choose good ribs, boiled bones, pork belly, The chicken was stewed in a large pot. This is the secret recipe of Wang Lizhu inherited from his father 40 years ago.

[Contemporary] (National Intangible Cultural Heritage Wang Lizhu, Inheritor of Mengzi Bridge Noodle Making Technique)

The soup is the main ingredient (steps) of the bridge noodles, and it lasts for 5 hours, at least 4 hours. The most needed time is when the (soup) rises, and the blood foam must be cleaned, and after it is cleaned little by little, put the material in.

[Explanation] Wang Lizhu's first "change" to the bridge noodles was to add chrysanthemum petals to the bridge noodles. The yellow chrysanthemum is not only beautiful, but also removes greasy, heats the lungs.

[Explanation] Traditional bridge noodles are only used with pork tenderloin slices, chicken slices, quail eggs, tempeh, crispy meat, chives, and later added innovative ingredients such as matsutake, squid, fish fillet, shrimp, and ham. In Yunnan today, Bridge rice noodles appear endlessly.

[Explanation] The new generation of bridge noodle producers also changes in time. The owner of Mengzi's "Gourmet Beauty" introduced the concept of aesthetics into the bridge noodle culture. She started from the eating environment, tableware selection, and plate design, and turned "snack" across the bridge noodles into "a feast for one person".

[Same Period] (Mr. Liu Wenqi, President of the Bridge Noodle Association of Mengzi)

The development of Mengzi's bridge noodles must be gradually promoted. We are in line with tradition and innovation, and we will not forget the original. We will standardize and institutionalize bridge noodles. The world knows Mengzi, and Yunnan Mengzi Bridge noodles.

[Explanation] Wang Lizhu has taught hundreds of apprentices from Sichuan, Chongqing, Beijing, Fujian, Australia and other places. While her apprentices mastered the traditional bridge noodle making skills, she also kept pace with the times and adapted and adapted to the local conditions to develop and innovate the bridge noodles. The bridge noodles eventually reached the world.

[Contemporary] (National Intangible Cultural Heritage Wang Lizhu, Inheritor of Mengzi Bridge Noodle Making Technique)

My obligation and responsibility is that as long as someone comes to learn, I should pass them down, teach them well, do the bridge noodles we have covered, and teach them seriously.

Reporter Du Xiaoxiao reported from Yunnan Honghe

Editor-in-chief: [Liu Xian]