Hospital for outbreaks Confirmed safety and resumed general outpatient services Sagamihara March 24 13:29

A hospital in Sagamihara City, where the outbreak of the new coronavirus has occurred and two people have died, has resumed general outpatient care and other services on April 24, assuming that hospital safety was confirmed.

At the Sagamihara Central Hospital in Sagamihara City, a total of seven cases of infection have been confirmed since last month, including nurses, patients, and their families, of which two men and women in their eighties died.

The hospital has been closed since last month on 17th, and from 3rd this month it has been regularly consulted only for patients who need to go to the hospital.

According to the city, last month on the 21st, no new cases have been identified since then.

In addition, after performing disinfection in the hospital and conducting another test of 46 doctors and nurses who had contact with the infected person, all of them were confirmed negative on the 23rd.

For this reason, the hospital resumed general outpatient care and rescue patients from the morning of the 24th, and at the entrance, visitors visited the site to measure their body temperature and disinfect their hands.

An 85-year-old man living nearby said, `` There are many hospitals in the city, but I have to get medicine regularly, so it is very grateful that the general hospital nearby has been restarted quickly. '' Was.