"What brings you back, but your tongue," is my advice to you if you are looking to establish your own project in the Emirate of Dubai, all the ways and means are available to you, and all doors are open for you to ask, search and prospect, to draw a path for your project towards the future.

"All facilities are available for Emirati youth to be entrepreneurs."

"What brings you back to your tongue" is a piece of advice I give you with realistic and tangible proofs, foremost of which is the Mohammed bin Rashid Foundation for Small and Medium Enterprises Development, as this institution provides you with full support and assistance to transform your idea into a project and develop it, just knock on its doors. What is heartening in the emirate of Dubai is that there is not only the Mohammed bin Rashid Foundation that is working to provide support for young entrepreneurs, there is the Dubai Merchants Initiative, the initiative adopted by the Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry with the aim of qualifying young entrepreneurs from the Emirates, and training them to withstand the economic challenges, Confront it with confidence. The Khalifa Fund for Enterprise Development is also one of the doors open in the country for businessmen and women to develop their investments, and encourage young people to entrepreneurship, and support and develop small and medium enterprises.

The rule that all these parties agree on is that they do not only provide the applicants and beneficiaries with them financial support, but rather provide a lot of services that illuminate the way for their ideas to turn them into a concrete project, develop small existing projects and rationalize them to grow, grow and expand, to turn into large projects, contributing In the development of the local economy. All facilities are available for Emirati youth to be entrepreneurs, and more than a plan and initiative proposed by the competent authorities to enable them to do so, efforts that cannot be denied in any case, except for some obstacles they face from financial institutions and banks in relation to requesting loans and financing small and medium projects. The latter, which in recent times has turned into a problem that haunts entrepreneurs who are based on their projects, and frightens those who want to switch to private business, curbing that desire, and pushing them to abandon their idea, and perhaps it was estimated that this idea would be among the largest private projects that contribute to the economy However, it did not see the light of day due to the fear of financial support from banks. In spite of all of that, I repeat it again, "What brings you back but your tongue." Advance and knock on each door that you see in support of your idea. Ask and search for what benefits you and your idea succeeds.

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