Doutzen Kroes deleted an Instagram post thanking the corona virus. The model apologizes on Sunday through the same social medium and says that with the message she had inspiration and hope in mind.

"Thank you, coronavirus," Kroes shared on Instagram on Saturday with her followers. Program maker Tim Hofman was one of the people who was bothered by that statement.

According to Kroes, her Instagram post was not meant to hurt people. "For me it was meant as an inspiration, to give hope," said the model. "When I am confronted with something negative, I see if I can turn it around to get something positive out of it."

On Saturday, there were 3,631 confirmed cases of infection of the COVID-19 virus in the Netherlands, known as the coronavirus. Of those, 136 people had died at that time.

I don't know. a lot went wrong and goes wrong in the world. and that virus will change something (hopefully, in the end), but thank a virus when thousands of people are dying alone ... one of the two of us is some tone deaf.

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The coronavirus in short

  • The coronavirus mainly spreads through sneezing and cough drops. The virus can be transmitted directly from person to person or (for a limited time) through surfaces such as door handles.
  • An infected person infects two to three others on average. Precautions are necessary to contain this.
  • The vast majority of patients have mild (flu-like) complaints.
  • Nearly all deaths involve the elderly or other frail, such as heart, lung or diabetes patients. If everyone complies with the measures, this reduces their risks.
  • Read here what precautions you should take.