(Fighting new crown pneumonia) Ningxia medical team in Hubei Province: Wuhan will enjoy the cherry blossom scene in the coming spring

China News Network Yinchuan, March 20th (Li Peishan, Shi Yujia) Has it been disinfected, did you clean your glasses, did you rush your eyes ... These small and trivial killing work were remembered by the medical team members of Ningxia during the battle in Hubei? "Basic Operations." Now, the members of the Ningxia Medical Team who have returned triumphantly remember the time when they were helping Hubei. Everything that happened was vivid.

"Since receiving the registration notice that I need to help Wuhan, I can't wait to apply to the organization to go to Wuhan." "Post-90s" Zhang Tong is a nurse in the emergency department of the Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region Hospital and is one of the 782 team members She checked the room with the doctor every day, inquired about the patient's situation ... She was keeping her "one acre of three points" and did not dare to relax.

Zhang Tong and his colleagues wore thick protective clothing and ran around at work. Photo courtesy

"Although the time in Wuhan was difficult, the emotions I established with the patients made the isolation ward warm." Zhang Tong recalled the mixed feelings in Wuhan. "An old lady I have been taking care of once said," Tong Tong, When I'm sick, take me to Ningxia to see. 'I can't help crying when I hear this sentence, but it's tears of excitement. "

"Every time I saw the joyful look of the patient when he was about to be transferred out to the general isolation ward, I felt that everything was worth it." Liu Jia from the Second People's Hospital of Shizuishan City, Ningxia, was affected by the 2003 SARS period. The medical staff's selfless devotion moved to be a nurse. "The days when we supported the sudden snowstorm in Xiangyang, the leaders of the hospital affiliated to Xiangyang Institute of Technology sent us warm autumn clothes, trousers, electric heaters, warmers Post ... these little things warm my heart. "Liu Jia recalled.

From the unfitness that just arrived in Wuhan, to the later handy, from the daily video with parents to being happy with the patient, Zhang Tong is growing every day; from concentrated learning, prevention and control training to wearing protective clothing to officially enter the disease The district began to work. From the intravenous infusion, blood collection, nebulization, inhalation, distribution of oral medicine, monitoring of vital signs and other nursing treatments to seeing the patient recover and be discharged, Liu Jia is improving every day. Although the current situation of epidemic prevention and control is still grim, there are still gratifying news. There are no new confirmed cases in the country, and vaccine development has made positive progress ...

Spring has arrived, and the cherry blossoms in Wuhan are full of streets. Asked what he wanted to do after the epidemic, Zhang Tong laughed, "This year's cherry blossoms in Wuhan didn't wait for the crowds. When the spring blossoms in the coming year, I want to return to Wuhan to see a cherry blossom scene." (End)