China News Network, March 20th. According to comprehensive information, according to the official measurement of the China Earthquake Network: a magnitude 5.9 earthquake occurred in Dingri County (28.63 degrees north latitude, 87.42 degrees east longitude) at 9:33 on March 20, Tibet, and the source depth 10 kilometers. At present, local fire rescue personnel have rushed to the epicenter to check the disaster situation with rescue equipment.

China Earthquake Network Weibo news showed that the epicenter was 29 kilometers from Dingri County, 45 kilometers from Dingjie County, 55 kilometers from Lazi County, 66 kilometers from Saga County, 76 kilometers from Ongren County, and 159 from Shigatse City. Kilometers, 377 kilometers from Lhasa.

Some netizens said that the earthquake in Lazi County was so strong that they were taken aback; some netizens said that they were in Shigatse and did not feel the earthquake. Netizens are generally concerned about the casualties caused by the earthquake, and "wish to be safe" to swipe the screen.