Are dead languages ​​still alive? (Replay)

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Greek scriptures. Pixabay

By: Pascal Paradou

Is there still an interest in studying dead languages ​​in the 21st century? In school as in everyday life, Latin and ancient Greek hardly interest anyone. However, they have many advantages.


Why revive interest in dead languages? How to teach Latin in a lively way?

Guests :
- Pierre Judet de La Combe , director of studies at the École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales (EHESS), author of The future of the ancients: daring to read the Greeks and the Latins (Albin Michel).
- Robert Delord , teacher of classical letters and president of the Arrête ton char! Association, author of Mordicus, let's not lose our Latin in editions, (Les Belles lettres).

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Postponed from June 2 to 7, in Lyon, the 14th edition of the European Latin Greek Festival will take place, around the Metamorphoses (or The Golden Donkey) of Apuleius!

Musical programming : Rosa - Jacques Brel

And like every Wednesday, Lucie Bouteloup's column, to find on RFI Savoirs : The flea in the ear .

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