Beijing's temperature soared to a recent high and hit the 20 ° C mark tomorrow!

China Weather Network News today (17th), the temperature in Beijing has risen rapidly again, the highest temperature can reach 19 ℃, warmth. Recently, Beijing has been air-dried and dry. It needs to be replenished and moisturized. At the same time, it is safe to use fire.

Yesterday, Beijing was sunny with a minimum temperature of 0 ℃ in the morning and a maximum temperature of 12.9 ℃ during the day.

Today, the temperature of Beijing will increase sharply. It is expected that today will be sunny during the day, turning north to two or three levels of the south wind, with a maximum temperature of 19 ° C; at night, it will turn cloudy, and the south wind will be about three to one or two levels, with a minimum temperature of 4 ℃.

Tomorrow, Beijing's maximum temperature will further rise to 20 ° C, welcoming the warmest day of the week, but recently the temperature difference between day and night in Beijing has often exceeded 15 ° C. It is necessary to reasonably adjust the dress and to stay warm early in the evening.

The recent warming is obvious and the air is dry. The pollen concentration in Beijing has reached a high level as a whole, and the locality is extremely high. People with allergies to pollen should pay attention to health protection and stay away from the lush areas.

Experts remind that the weather in Beijing has continued to be sunny and warm and windy recently. The orange warning of forest fire danger has been hanging up for many days. Pay attention to the prohibition of field fires to avoid fires. At the same time, dry and dry things, and pay attention to hydrating.