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  • TF1 broadcasts this Friday evening at 9:05 pm the third episode of "Koh Lanta, the island of heroes".
  • Teheiura is among the candidates. Finalist in 2011, he participated in the game for the fourth time.
  • According to host Denis Brogniart, Teheiura has, on paper, the profile of the perfect winner.

He broke a historic record in Koh Lanta ! In the second episode of Heroes' Island, broadcast two weeks ago on TF1, Teheiura won the test of freeing oneself from a blind labyrinth after completing an obstacle course. This allowed him to integrate, as provided for in the regulations, one of the two regular teams of this new season, the Nakomo.

With this victory, the 41-year-old adventurer became the candidate who won the most events in the game. Until then, he had eleven victories in three seasons, tied with Claude - also in the cast of L'île des hero - who did better since he performed in just two seasons.

Iconic candidate, @TeheiuraTEAHUI is one of the 5 heroes back in this new season! 💪
"When I can do it, I do it and with a big heart." 👇
📺D-1 before the start of #KohLanta The Isle of Heroes, TOMORROW at 9:05 pm on @ TF1! 🔥 pic.twitter.com/39Fy1IfhNL

- Koh-Lanta (@ KohLantaTF1) February 20, 2020

Anyway, Teheiura has proven that he should still be counted on this year and that he has lost none of his niac. Originally from Polynesia and now based in Hérault, the entrepreneur expects to win this new edition nine years after his first participation. In 2011, in Koh Lanta - Raja Ampat , he had reached the final after having finished the orienteering test in less than three quarters of an hour, but, with only two votes in his favor, he had to s 'bow to Gérard.

Love rating

A few months later, in the special edition Revenge of the Heroes , bringing together emblematic ex-participants, he was eliminated after the penultimate council. In 2014, in The new edition , another Koh Lanta "all stars", he did not do better.

Despite these disappointments, Teheiura has shown his skills and enjoys a rating of love with the public who has never wavered. "If tomorrow we did a survey to nominate the most charismatic candidate in the history of Koh Lanta , if Teheiura is not first, he will be second," says Denis Brogniart. For the game leader, he has, on paper, the perfect profile of the winner: “He is very strong in the tests, very strong on the camp and charismatic. "

This edition entitled The island of heroes could therefore be the right one for the Héraultais whose favorite quote is "When I can do it, I do it and with a big heart". "Its weakness is its lack of strategy," says Denis Brogniart. In Koh Lanta , it is necessary to federate, but not only by skills, also by thinking about how to go as far as possible. Teheiura is thinking about a lot of things but not necessarily about that, until today. He is older, he was super pissed off never winning… ”Teheiura said he was more“ physically prepared for cross-training ”. History to land in force among the adventurers and finally register his name on the winners of the show.


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