China News Network, Beijing, March 8th (Reporter Du Yan) Incorrect infrared forehead thermometer? Does the thermometer produce radiation that is harmful to the human body? Yao Hejun, president of the Beijing Institute of Metrology and Testing Sciences, said at a press conference today that infrared forehead thermometers generally require a use temperature of 16 ° C to 35 ° C, and generally the best is around 20 ° C. It is winter and it is relatively cold outdoors. Pay attention to the working environment, the measurement mode, and the measurement location.

Body temperature measurement thermometers fall into two broad categories

Yao Hejun said that human body temperature is an important technical indicator for carrying out epidemic prevention and control and fever screening. At present, all public places are equipped with necessary temperature measurement equipment. It will add chaos and cause panic.

He introduced that thermometers used for body temperature measurement can be divided into two categories: contact thermometers and non-contact thermometers. Contact thermometers include commonly used glass thermometers and medical electronic thermometers, which are usually placed under the armpit, mouth, or rectum. After 5-10 minutes of heat conduction time, the body temperature can be measured. The accuracy of this kind of thermometer is relatively high, generally 0.1 ℃ -0.2 ℃.

Non-contact thermometers include infrared forehead thermometers, infrared screening instruments, infrared ear thermometers, and the like. Infrared forehead thermometers are the temperature measuring guns commonly used by inspectors when entering the community. Infrared screens are relatively large infrared cameras that everyone sees in large public places such as stations and airports and cooperate with large screens. Thermometer. There is also a less used infrared ear thermometer. The measurement principle of these three non-contact thermometers is the same, that is, the temperature of the human body surface is measured using the principle of infrared rays, and converted into the body temperature to determine whether the human body has a fever. The accuracy of this kind of thermometer is a little lower, generally 0.3 ℃ -0.4 ℃.

How to use the infrared forehead thermometer?

Yao Hejun said, first, pay attention to the working environment. Infrared forehead thermometers generally require a use temperature of 16 ° C-35 ° C, and generally the best is around 20 ° C. Currently it is winter, and it is relatively cold outdoors, and the epidemic prevention and control monitoring points are generally located outdoors. If the infrared forehead thermometer works in a low temperature outdoor environment for a long time, the obtained values ​​are prone to deviation. Therefore, it is recommended to use it in an indoor windless environment. If it is not possible, it is also recommended to do some temperature protection for the infrared forehead thermometer, such as putting it in a cotton coat or sticking a warm baby that is not too hot.

Second, pay attention to the measurement mode. Some infrared forehead thermometers have two modes: material temperature mode and body temperature mode. Be sure to put them in body temperature mode to measure. Generally, the temperature is the body temperature mode when the machine is turned on. This refers to the temperature that has been corrected according to the temperature of the armpit. If you mess up, you can restart.

Third, pay attention to the measurement site. In an indoor windless environment, it is recommended to measure the position of the center of the forehead, which is the brightest part of the forehead that we generally see. The distance is generally 1-3 cm according to the requirements of the instructions. Also make sure that there is no cover from hair, sweat, hats, etc. When repeating the measurement, remove the infrared thermometer head first, and then perform the next measurement after an interval of 5 seconds. If the measurement method is improper, such as holding it close to the forehead, it will be inaccurate. At present, there are many prevention and control monitoring points that do not have indoor temperature measurement conditions. What should I do if there is wind in low temperature outdoor? At this time, you can measure the more warm parts such as the wrist and neck instead.

What should I do if my body temperature sometimes fluctuates when I use an infrared forehead thermometer?

Yao Hejun said that this may be because the environment in which the testees are located affects the readings. For example, after a long period of warm air and intense exercise in the car, the measured value may be high; on the contrary, if the outdoor is in a low temperature environment for a long time or the wind is relatively large, the measured value is low. It is recommended that the test subject wait until the body temperature is in equilibrium before measuring. For example, when the temperature is about to be turned off, turn off the heating inside the car, or get off the car and measure at the temperature. After strenuous exercise, rest and adjust for a few minutes before measuring.

What should I do if I feel the measurement is not accurate?

Yao Hejun said that the temperature of several normal people can be measured indoors at about 20 ° C and compared with the temperature of the axillary body measured by a glass thermometer. If the deviation is large, it can be sent to the metrology department for more accurate detection.

Forehead thermometers are currently difficult to buy. Can you use industrial infrared thermometers to measure human temperature?

Yao Hejun pointed out that the measurement range of industrial infrared thermometers is usually 30 ℃ -1000 ℃, and the measurement accuracy within the human body temperature range is generally greater than ± 1.0 ℃, and there is no body temperature mode, which is not suitable for body temperature measurement.

Will the infrared forehead thermometer produce harmful radiation to the human body?

Yao Hejun pointed out that some people heard that infrared forehead thermometers are also called radiation thermometers, and they were afraid that it would produce harmful radiation. This worry is unnecessary, this radiation refers to infrared. As long as the temperature is higher than room temperature, infrared radiation is generated, so the human body also generates infrared radiation. The forehead thermometer absorbs infrared rays emitted by the human body to measure temperature, and it does not generate radiation by itself. So the infrared forehead thermometer is very safe. (Finish)