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You may have seen them on a friend's Facebook wall or in your mailbox. Because poisons are becoming more and more common with news, writing 20 Minutes helps you sort out the true from the false.

1. Do municipal candidates display their party logos?

Jordan Bardella, RN, accused the LREM municipal candidates of "hiding" the logo of the presidential party on their communication media. The situation is actually more nuanced among walkers. The trend is also observed in all parties.

2. Yes, Edouard Philippe and Bruno Le Maire did denounce 49-3 ... but in 2016

Archival images of Edouard Philippe and Bruno Le Maire expressing their hostility to article 49-3 of the Constitution have resurfaced on social networks, sometimes without context.

3. A protester strangled by a police officer? Back to a viral photo

The scene took place in Saint-Etienne (Loire), Saturday, February 29, as confirmed by the photographer behind these photos and the national police at 20 Minutes .

4. Hidalgo, Dati, Villani… We checked the assertions of the candidates for the municipal elections in Paris participating in the debate on LCI

Anne Hidalgo, Rachida Dati, Agnès Buzyn, Cédric Villani, Danielle Simonnet, David Belliard and Serge Federbusch spoke in particular about cleanliness, safety and ecology.

5. Yes, Anne Hidalgo did take the metro to get to the LCI debate

On social networks, the mayor of Paris is accused of lying by claiming to have visited LCI's premises by metro this Wednesday.

6. US health officials don't recommend shaving beards to fight coronavirus

A chart showing the styles of beards and mustaches compatible with wearing a respirator has reappeared in recent days. It was released in 2017 by the US health authorities.

7. "The Simpsons" predicted the coronavirus epidemic in 1993? It's wrong

A montage wrongly claims that the writers of the series predicted the occurrence of the epidemic in an episode of the fourth season aired almost 30 years ago.

8. No, this video does not show a crowd in front of a supermarket in Germany because of the coronavirus

A video showing a commercial operation in 2011 is again shared to suggest that it is linked to the recent occurrence of the coronavirus.

9. Coronavirus: Do the masks given to healthcare professionals expire this month?

The general direction of the health assures to 20 Minutes that these are "always valid".

10. Beware of this false quote from Aurore Bergé on 49.3 and the coronavirus

Yet another parody quote attributed to the spokesperson for La République en Marche is taken in the first degree on social networks.

11. No, Céline Dion did not ignore a fan who sang to her "I Surrender"

A video montage showing Céline Dion winding up her car window when a fan has just sang one of her songs has gone viral.

12. Why Quaden Bayle is the target of rumors, after its anti-harassment video

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Bonus: A fact-checking by our colleagues

Our Quebec colleagues from the Science-Presse agency explain why it is not proven that a cryotherapy treatment makes you lose weight.

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