Céline Dion in concert in London, July 5, 2019. - NLC / Neil Lupine / WENN / SIPA

  • Céline Dion's attitude towards a fan has shocked some Internet users to discover a video viewed tens of thousands of times.
  • We see the Canadian star there, in his car, listening impassively to a fan performing one of his songs, before rolling up his window without saying a word.
  • It is actually a parodic diversion of a real meeting between the singer and her admirer, which took place in a very different way.

Sitting in the back of a car, Céline Dion, her eyes masked by her dark glasses, signals to her driver to stop for a moment to listen to a young woman who has just started singing one of her songs in full street. After listening to her for a few seconds, and without saying a word, the singer ends up rolling up her window while giving her a furtive finger of honor.

"Too shocked by Celine's attitude! "," I can do more ... "... On social networks, the sequence, extremely viral, is taken seriously by some Internet users who enjoy this reaction or take offense, while it is reality of the diversion of this impromptu meeting between the star and a fan reinterpreting the song "I Surrender".


The scene was filmed in New York this Wednesday, a few days before the two concerts that Céline Dion has to give in New Jersey. Freida Solomon, a young woman from this State and a big fan of the artist, quite simply waited for her at the exit of her hotel to interpret her recovery.

As we can see on the original sequence of this exchange - initially posted on the Twitter page "Celine Dion Spain" -, Céline Dion asked her driver to stop. But instead of rolling up her window after listening to Freida Solomon for a few seconds, she checked him out while smiling and thanking her.

Momento hoy con una fan en NY 🎶 pic.twitter.com/h15w8FhEM6

- Celine Dion Spain (@CDionSpain) March 3, 2020

Another shot of the published scene, longer, also shows that Celine Dion has lingered well with the young woman and the group of fans gathered at the exit of the hotel. The star thanks her again for "singing for [her]".

Here's the full version of me singing to @celinedion 🖤🎤 pic.twitter.com/cG1YKIIpv4

- Freida Solomon (@ FreidaSolomon9) March 5, 2020

Delighted that this exchange was immortalized, Freida Solomon shared the sequences on her Instagram account - suspended since without explanation - and on Twitter, where she wrote notably on March 4: "I was able to sing in front of Céline Dion today" today and she was kind enough to listen to me until the end. She was so kind and beautiful. This beautiful story was even taken up on This Morning on CBS, to the delight of the fan.

Too shocked by Celine's attitude! 😱😱😱 pic.twitter.com/kXOb01PEEj

- Illuminati Reptilien (@IllumiReptilien) March 4, 2020

The montage taken seriously by some internet users around the world - and become almost as viral as the original video - was made by the Twitter page "Illuminati Reptilien" (whose credit appears at the bottom right of the images) with the legend - ironic "Too shocked by Celine's attitude! ". Faced with the scale of the reactions, the Twitter account did not fail to specify in a new tweet written in several languages: “It's a montage, calm down. "


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