New virus over 80% of university students graduated next spring will affect job hunting. March 7 7:38

Job hunting for students who graduate from college next spring has started in earnest this month, but more than 80% of students believe that the spread of the new coronavirus is affecting job hunting. A major information company, My Navi, found out.

The survey was conducted from the 1st to the 5th of this month, and about 7,400 members of the information site responded.

When asked if the spread of the new coronavirus had an effect on job hunting, 82.9% of the students answered that they were "affected" due to the suspension of company briefings.

Furthermore, when asked about the increasing number of companies that conduct briefing sessions and interviews on the web to prevent the spread of infection, 49.2% said, "The briefing can be done on the web, but face-to-face after the first interview." Only 16.3% of the students answered that "all may be web."

Students also say that it is unfortunate that they cannot attend a briefing and learn about the atmosphere of the company, or that it is difficult to communicate their enthusiasm on the web.

My Navi has also discontinued its own joint company briefing until 15th this month and switched to online distribution.

We will provide information on our company website as soon as the resumption of the briefing is decided.