New Coronavirus Residents at designated hospitals confirm infection Yokohama March 6 at 15:07

In Sagamihara City, where the infection of the new coronavirus has been confirmed one after another, it was newly found that a 20-year-old trainee working at the Sagamihara Kyodo Hospital, a designated medical institution for infectious diseases, was infected. The hospital has been restricting outpatient clinics to issuing prescriptions since June 6.

According to Sagamihara City, a new type of coronavirus infection was newly confirmed by a male resident in his twenties working at Sagamihara Kyodo Hospital, a designated medical institution in Midori Ward.

The resident began to develop coughing symptoms on March 2 and then had a fever, and was tested positive on the 6th, indicating that he is now hospitalized.

It is said that he did not enter or leave the infectious disease bed, but when a male employee in his 50s working at JR Sagamihara Station where infection was confirmed in February was consulted at this hospital before it was confirmed as positive, That he was present in the same room.

The doctor who diagnosed directly was wearing protective clothing, but the resident male was not wearing it because he was far away.

The hospital has restricted outpatient care to issuing prescriptions since the 6th, and has stopped all tests and responded.

Sagamihara City is conducting tests as there are at least 80 patients and colleagues who may have had close contact with this resident's man, and will investigate the infection route in detail.