At present, all walks of life are actively and orderly returning to work and production, and the cultural industry is also moving to the front in this special period, and the "cloud return to work" model has been launched. Among them, the Dongguan City Cultural Museum collaborated with Dongguan literary and art workers to launch "Cultural War Epidemic" series of works.

Dongguan Museum, Opium War Museum, Coin Museum, Dongguan Exhibition Hall and other venues launched "virtual museum" services; Dongguan Science Museum and 104 national science and technology museums nationwide launched "science lessons in science and technology museum" related courses; Dongguan City Art Museum, The Wancheng Library launched "online public education courses", etc., to radiate the temperature of art culture to the public through the Internet.

Online services continue to be “new”

"North Kites", "Little Prince", "European Miscellaneous Notes", "Morning Twilight of the River Bank" ... Open the official WeChat of the Guancheng Library, and scan the code to read the resources updated daily. It is understood that this is a "digital reading to fight drugs" campaign launched by the Dongguan Library in conjunction with the town and street branches. Book readers only need to scan the QR code to read online for free. The strength of the interpretation "make reading a lifestyle ".

In addition, starting from February 24th, Guancheng Art Museum has launched "Anti-epidemics, the same art-the theme painting collection activities" and "the epidemic prevention road, different landscapes-video works collection activities" Call for Papers. According to the staff in charge of publicity of the Guancheng Museum of Art, the preliminary submission work has been completed. After the selection of works is completed, the selected works will be displayed on the official website, Weibo and WeChat public account.

Prior to this, Wancheng Art Museum has launched the "China Artists Association Watercolor Art Committee Annual Nomination Exhibition 2019" "Time Background-Dongguan Fine Art Exhibition since the Founding of New China" "Small and Grand Power-Guancheng Art There are 5 online exhibitions in the Museum's Collection Book Ticket Exhibition, "Solo Art Forum-Li Jianchen Art Exhibition · Dongguan Station" and "Colorful Land-Dalian Modern Folk Painting Exhibition", citizens only need to log in to the official website of the Guancheng Museum of Art, etc. Enjoy the art world. According to reports, since the epidemic, the Wancheng Art Museum has updated and improved the overall content of the official website. The website will become an important channel for Wancheng Art Museum's propaganda work. At the same time, it will promote Wancheng Art Museum to become an important platform for Chinese watercolor research bases. .

Literature and Art Warfare

On March 1st, the Dongguan City Cultural Center released its "literary war epidemic" work "Everything is always there" through its public account "Culture Wanjia". It is understood that "Don't Fall in Love" is an audio-visual MV created by Huang Jingting, a director of Liaobu Town Literary and Art Circle Federation, and Huang Jiamin, a young artist from Dongguan. Talking about the reasons for the creation, Huang Jiamin, who is responsible for the creation of comics, said that he hopes to record "wan type anti-epidemic" through comics. What is "wan type"? It is the warmth of the landlords in Dongguan to rent-free for the tenants in Hubei; the love of social workers to send nourishing herbal tea to the quarantined people at home;

On February 29th, the original song "Always Be With You" was released by Chen Baoyi, Luo Xiaofeng, Ding Yi, Li Jing, Wan Yao, Ma Xiayan, and Yuan Aiming. According to reports, they are both in the 80s and 90s who are engaged in drama teaching in Dongguan. Because offline education is completely shut down, homeowners also have the idea of ​​creating anti-epidemic literary works at the same time that they are conducting online courses.

In fact, since the launch of the "literature war epidemic" planning theme on February 1, Dongguan Cultural Center has launched 23 works of literature and art. These include works created by the artists selected in the "Arts Up-Dongguan Artists Promotion Program", works in cooperation with various town street cultural branches, and works created by folk artists spontaneously. The types of works include original songs, dances, Poetry recitations, sketches, and other types, writers and artists in Dongguan are speaking in their own way, spreading positive energy to fight the epidemic.

Text: Zhang Xiaomin