China News Network, Yangzhou, March 5th (Reporter Cui Jiaming) March 5, 2020 is the 100th anniversary of Wang Zengqi ’s birthday, in memory of Mr. Wang Zengqi ’s humanism, learning from the sages and motivating Hou Kun. On the same day, his hometown of Gaoyou held The symposium to commemorate the 100th anniversary of Wang Zengqi's birthday, local cultural scholars, writers' representatives, relatives of Wang Lao, researchers of Wang Zengqi's works, and Wang Lao literature enthusiasts will recall Wang Lao's character and style.

Wang Zengqi, a representative of contemporary Chinese writers, essays, dramatists, and Beijing-style writers, is known as "the lyric humanitarian, the last pure literati in China, and the last scholar-offer in China."

This is the position and evaluation given to Wang Zengqi in the history of Chinese literature by the outside world, but in his hometown's mind: Wang Lao deeply loved his hometown Gaoyou throughout his life. In his poems, paintings and paintings, he can be found and appreciated everywhere. Nostalgic, nostalgic, nostalgic.

"Wang Zengqi's precious spirit is reflected in his eternal pursuit of good things. He has a rough life, but never complains or blames anyone. He has comfort in sadness, wealth in discipline, fun in frustration, and pain in pain. Sweet, he loves life forever, and life is full of flavor. "Gaoyou cultural scholar Zhu Yanqing recalled bit by bit with Wang Lao and said," He cares about people, and he heard that something unpleasant happened in my life, Just write to comfort me and encourage me to look forward. "

"One hundred years ago, on March 5, 1920, Wang Zengqi was born in Kejia Lane, Gaoyou. He published his works from 1940. His creative career spanned half a century and spanned two eras." Standing Committee of the CPC Gaoyou Municipal Committee, Publicity Minister Pan Jianqi said that Wang Zengqi's creations have achieved high artistic achievements in novels, proses, dramas, literary theories, and old and new poetry; Wang Lao's writing is a man, and he can be described as "the article is autumn and hibiscus. In a word, it is good for the world. "

It is reported that this year is the 100th birthday of Mr. Wang Zengqi. Gaoyou will hold a series of commemorative activities. On May 16, this year, while the sixth Wang Zengqi Literature Award will be announced, Gaoyou will hold the opening ceremony of the Wang Zengqi Memorial Hall. , Wang Mi and related units will donate Wang Lao's works, books, calligraphy and painting and related items. (Finish)