Some believe that losing weight is not difficult, and this is true. Finding the motivations or incentives to start a weight loss journey is the most difficult.

For this reason, we may notice an increase in the number of people who suffer from a continuous increase in weight, compared to a smaller number than those who actually initiate their essential weight loss journey.

In this context, the nutrition specialist, Cynthia, provides motivational advice that helps those who wish to start this journey, and adopt a healthy system for losing weight and maintaining vitality and activity, at the same time.

1- List of reasons

Keep asking this question to yourself: Why is weight loss a priority for me?

Write down the actual reasons that cause you to lose weight in a list, and always make it in front of your eyes to remind you of them, studies have shown that people succeed in adhering to the decision to lose weight whenever this decision stems from their conviction and commitment to it.

2- Various goals

Set realistic, achievable goals with the help of your dietitian, as this will help you overcome the frustration that might lead you to surrender. Common weight loss programs promise quick and easy weight loss, but medicine recommends losing half a kilogram to one kilogram per week, to ensure fat burning safely, while maintaining muscle mass.

3- Food list

Maintain a list where you record all your food and drink, including water and snacks. It is important to write down how you feel, the weight you lose or gain, the time you spend exercising, and the amount of water you consumed during the day. Self-follow-up is a very important issue to motivate you to continue to lose weight and succeed in it.

4- Celebrate every success

Celebrate with your loved ones and friends who support you with the accomplishments you achieve as you strive to lose weight, and reward yourself as you progress, when you feel proud of what you accomplish, your enthusiasm increases.

5- Discuss with your doctor

Do not hesitate to ask for help from a specialist, if you feel that you are unable to comply with your diet required to achieve your goal of losing weight alone. Discuss with your healthcare professional the appropriate non-surgical procedure to lose weight.