Disaster Waste Management Plan Formulation Remains in Half of Municipalities 16:05 on March 3

Only about half of municipalities have prepared plans for the disposal of disaster waste in advance, and the Ministry of the Environment has encouraged the development of plans by holding training sessions for local government officials. I am.

This was shown at a study meeting held by the Ministry of the Environment in Tokyo on March 3.

In response to the Great East Japan Earthquake nine years ago, the Ministry of the Environment formulated a treatment plan in advance for each prefecture and municipal government in order to smoothly process the large amount of waste generated in the event of a disaster. I'm asking you to keep it organized.

According to the Ministry of the Environment, almost all prefectures had formulated the plan, but as of the end of this month, only 52% of the municipalities had formulated the plan.

Local governments have pointed out the inability to secure staff to formulate plans and the lack of specialized knowledge as issues.

Last year's Typhoon Nos. 15 and 19 were estimated to have generated approximately 2.15 million tons of disaster waste in total, but the lack of a treatment plan delayed the installation of temporary storage sites, This means that some local governments have accumulated garbage in familiar places.

In the future, the Ministry of the Environment will hold workshops for local government officials in various places to encourage the formulation of disaster waste disposal plans.