Cruise ship "verified at the right time" Minister of Health, Labor and Welfare Kato March 2 5:01

The cruise ship in which outbreak of the new coronavirus was confirmed was completed in one day for passengers and crew members. Minister of Health, Labor and Welfare Kato reiterated the idea of ​​conducting verification at the appropriate time overnight, with more than 1 out of 3,700 cases being confirmed to be infected.

The cruise ship Diamond Princess was found to have been infected after one of the passengers left Hong Kong on the 1st of last month. After that, those who were confirmed negative were asked to disembark from 19th of last month.

During this time, outbreaks of the new coronavirus were confirmed, and the final number of infected persons was 705, one in five for passengers and crew.

In addition, seven people died on board, and six cases have been confirmed so far that the virus test was negative and the infection was known after returning home.

At this meeting, Minister of Health, Labor and Welfare Kato stated, "We need to verify the series of responses at the appropriate time while checking the domestic infection status, and secure the necessary data." He reiterated his idea of ​​verifying the cruise ship's national response.

In addition, based on the fact that the cruise ship was a British citizen and that people of various nationalities were on board, he said, `` Tourism on the cruise ship may increase in the future, and we will adjust internationally how we will respond in the future. You should go. "

All but eight people are negative Cruise ship service MHLW staff and quarantine officers

Eight people, including the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare's staff and quarantine officers who were involved in the cruise ship operation, have been confirmed to be infected, but the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare also has 133 general staff members and 98 quarantine officers who have worked on ships. In addition, Vice Minister Hashimoto and the self-governing secretary of State conducted a virus test, and revealed that all were negative.

The deputy minister, the secretary of government and the staff are working for telework at home for two weeks after disembarkation.