Hubei Daily (Reporter Longhua, Correspondent Cao Qin) On February 29, Hubei Province issued the "Hubei Province County (City, District) New Crown Pneumonia Epidemic Risk Assessment Report" for the first time. The rating is assessed for all 103 counties (cities, districts).

Based on the risk demarcation criteria in the State Council's Guidance on Joint Prevention and Control of New Coronary Virus Infection and Pneumonia, "Guiding Opinions on Scientific Prevention and Control of Accurate Strategies, Partitioning and Classification, and Good New Coronary Pneumonia Epidemic Prevention and Control Work". Or there are no new confirmed cases for 14 consecutive days as a low-risk area; there are new confirmed cases within 14 days, the cumulative number of confirmed cases does not exceed 50, or the cumulative number of confirmed cases exceeds 50, and no clustered epidemic has occurred within 14 days as a medium-risk area; There were more than 50 cases, and clustered outbreaks occurred in high-risk areas within 14 days.

According to a comprehensive assessment organized by the Hubei Provincial Center for Disease Control and Prevention, as of 24:00 on February 28, 2020, there were 11 low-risk counties (cities, districts) in the province, accounting for 10.68% of the total number of all counties (cities, districts); medium-risk counties There are 34 cities (cities, districts), accounting for 30.01% of the total number of all counties (cities, districts); 58 high-risk counties (city, districts), accounting for 56.31% of the total number of all counties (cities, districts). (For details, please refer to the attached table and risk level map)

It is understood that Hubei Province will assess and update the epidemic risk level of each county and city in accordance with the development of the epidemic situation and make it publicly available.

Attached Table: List of County (City, District) Risk Levels in Hubei Province

Risk level county name

Low risk (11) Wufeng County, Laifeng County, Yuanan County, Xingshan County, Hefeng County, Zigui County, Xuan'en County, Yidu City, Baokang County, Laohekou City, Lichuan City

Medium risk (34): Yingting District, Zhuxi County, Zhushan County, Luxi County, Yiling District, Luotian County, Chongyang County, Tongshan County, Chibi City, Dianjun District, Xianfeng County, Shennongjia Forest District, Pakistan Dong County, Liyang District, Fang County, Jianshi County, Zhijiang City, Jiangling County, Tongcheng County, Changyang County, Dongbao District, Gucheng County, Zaoyang City, Daye City, Liangzihu District, Jiandao District, Jingzhou District, Hunchun County, Enshi City, Wujiagang District, Shayang County, Hong'an County, Xiantao City, Hannan District

High-risk (58) Yingshan County, Nanzhang County, Danjiangkou City, Shishou City, Yicheng City, Songzi City, Jiayu County, Dangyang City, Xian'an District, Wuxue City, Tieshan District, Xialu District , Xiangzhou District, Zhangwan District, Macheng, Lishui County, Suixian, Shacheng District, Huangmei County, Xiangcheng District, Yangxin County, Zhongxiang City, Gong'an County, Xisai District, Huangshi Port District, Tuanfeng County, Fancheng District, Jingshan City, Qianjiang City, Xiaochang County, Guangshui City, Jianli County, Xiling District, Huarong District, Zengdu District, Dawu County, Yunmeng County, Hanchuan City, Maojian District, Yingcheng City, Huangzhou District , Anlu City, Honghu City, Xiaonan District, Tianmen City, Echeng District, Xinzhou District, Caidian District, Qingshan District, Dongxihu District, Jiangxia District, Huanghua District, Hongshan District, Hanyang District, Jianghan District, Jiang'an District, Wuchang District, Tongkou District