André Hazes announced on Thursday evening via a photo and a romantic lyrics that he was once again together with Monique Westenberg. The two got into a relationship in 2014 and sealed their love with a son, whom they also called André. The couple had many highlights, but also broke up several times.

The 26-year-old Hazes and 43-year-old Westenberg get to know each other in 2014 via Facebook. She was familiar with a girl who knew Hazes, so the singer saw her photo. "I was sold", he says in conversation with the AD .

He sends her a message asking if she wants to go out to dinner with him. "Since I am sixteen years younger, Monique replied:" Do you want a children's menu? "

The two already fall "madly in love" that evening. "After four months we already lived together."

The singer is only twenty years old when he gets to know Westenberg and it is his first regular girlfriend. "I had never said to a woman," I love you. "

2016: Arrival of son André

Their love will be sealed in October 2016 with the arrival of son Andreas Martinus Hazes (known as André).

"All the clichés are true, we are over the moon, we are incredibly proud and can no longer imagine a life without our little miracle", the couple told Dutch media, including

A year and a half later, the couple announces that they are taking a break because the relationship is not going so well between the two. Hazes' busy working life would be the culprit for this, he explains to Shownieuws. "I think that just too much has happened. We have experienced so much in a short time. And maybe I got a little lost in this world. I just really enjoy my working life."

Only a month later, in May 2018, Hazes and Westenberg meet again. During a vacation they worked on their relationship and "they pick up the thread slowly". The singer also takes some rest that summer on doctor's advice.

The singer gets to know himself better during this period. "What did I really want in this life? Just working or getting old and happy with Monique? I soon knew that that would be the last one," he tells Story.

"Of course I knew that before, but you only know what you're missing when you no longer have it." Hazes also likes a future marriage with his girlfriend.

André Hazes and Monique Westenberg at the presentation of Westenberg's children's book. (Photo: BrunoPress)

November 2019: Relationship ends (again)

It doesn't get that far. In November 2019, the two announced that their relationship had once again come to an end. "The break already dates from a few months ago, but they have done their best to go for it together," says a statement sent on behalf of the singer.

Hazes management says in the statement that the singer and his ex-girlfriend put their son first. "Their main goal in life is the happiness of André Hazes Jr. and everything will continue to revolve around it."

Westenberg soon announced that Hazes had feelings for someone else. She calls the sent press release "painful."

"We had a good conversation last week, after which we decided to put an end to our relationship," says Westenberg. "The reason for this is because it is not possible to make agreements about certain characteristics that are necessary to have a balance not only as an artist but also as a family."

It soon becomes apparent that Hazes Bridget's 'other woman' is Maasland. The new couple confirms this to Shownieuws . The relationship is still early, but they see each other a lot, let know their management at the time.

The relationship soon becomes more serious. The two make several romantic trips together and Hazes even calls Maasland his "soul mate". Conversely, the presenter says that he is "the love of her life". They also want to live together in 2020.

One of many the in love pictures of André Hazes and Bridget Maasland. (Photo: Instagram / Bridget Maasland)

February 2020: Hazes breaks relationship with Maasland

Their relationship ends unexpectedly in February. "Because of the pressure on our relationship and all the attention that was given to it, we decided to put an end to it," the two confirm.

During Hazes' vacation to Curaçao, where his ex Westenberg was, everything would have gone well, but when they returned home, the two jointly decided to put an end to their relationship, according to Maasland.

Due to the joint holiday of Hazes and Westenberg, where the two exes are frequently seen together, rumors soon start to breathe new life into their relationship.

That is confirmed by the Hazes on 27 February. With a photo of the two of them together, Hazes places the lyrics of the song Faithfully by Journey.

" They say the road ain't no place to start a family. Right down the line it's you and me. And lovin 'a music man ain't always what it's supposed to be. Oh, girl, you stand by me "I'm forever yours ", says Hazes.



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