[Explanation] Recently, since the outbreak of the new crown pneumonia, many foreign students staying in Gansu have spent a special winter vacation.

Hasan from Syria is a second-year graduate student at Lanzhou University of Technology. Due to the impact of the epidemic, he abandoned his travel plan, stayed in his dormitory, read a book, watched a movie, and cooked a kitchen to practice his skills. Chinese cuisine such as scrambled eggs with tomatoes, spicy chicken with potatoes, and so on. He also added some small improvements according to the characteristics of his country, so that it has both Chinese characteristics and hometown taste.

[Same period] Syrian student Hasson

I sometimes study in the house, sometimes cook, sometimes watch movies, Chinese movies (and) Syrian movies, and sometimes I chat with my family. (Learned) About three Chinese dishes, eggs, tomatoes, Lanzhou noodles are very special in Lanzhou, and not the same taste as other places.

[Explanation] In addition to cooking, foreign students who usually love sports are struggling to go out and can only exercise in their dormitory. Li Zhi, an international student from Northwest Normal University, had worked in Pakistan for five years on psychological counseling. During the epidemic, he could speak eight languages ​​and took the initiative to use his professional knowledge to undertake psychological counseling for the international student group. work.

[Contemporary] Pakistani student Li Zhi

Now the virus problem, then I called and said that you are not afraid. This is all of us. You are not alone in China. I think this problem is over soon, then we are happy, we go outside to chat and run, and immediately our school opens, our university opens, and then we are happy, cheer on Wuhan, cheer on China.

[Explanation] Li Zhi said that he would report peace to his family every few days. Although he was in a foreign country, he was also at ease. The school uniformly distributed protective measures, such as masks, to students studying abroad. Through a small team of volunteers, we unifiedly purchased living materials for everyone to ensure the normal life of students. At present, a total of 910 international students in Gansu have received no confirmed or suspected case reports.

Gao Ying Li Yalong reports from Lanzhou, Gansu

Editor-in-chief: [Liu Xian]