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Volunteer of a family member of Xiangyang, Hubei: did not take leave halfway through


(Combating New Coronary Pneumonia) A family member of Xiangyang, Hubei, volunteers: did not take leave halfway through

China News Agency, Xiangyang, February 27th, title: A family member of Xiangyang, Hubei, volunteered: did not ask for leave halfway through

Author Hu Chuanlin Fan Qiyan

After implementing closed management in the Fancheng railway community in Xiangyang City, Hubei Province, a family member of a Taiwan compatriot took the initiative to act as an anti-epidemic volunteer and "stationed in" a designated community every day to purchase various living materials for residents.

"From February 6 to the present, she has been insisting on 21 days in a row, and did not take a day off halfway." Fan Qin, deputy secretary of the railway community, introduced on the 27th.

Her name is Zhai Hong, and she is a family member of a Taiwan compatriot. On the eve of the Spring Festival, because her husband Zhong Yu (a pseudonym) was busy with her work, she returned to her hometown of Xiangyang from Taiwan with her child and reunited with her mother. Unexpectedly, the sudden epidemic disrupted the whole trip, she resolutely chose to be a volunteer to return to her hometown and wait for the epidemic to dissipate.

On the morning of the 27th, drizzle drizzled over Xiangyang, making it a bit cold. At 8:30 in the morning, Zhai Hong wore a raincoat, pulled a shopping cart, and came to Zhongyuan Community on time. Like Zhai Hong, there are 4 volunteers wearing "red sleeves" waiting in line at the gate of the community, waiting for residents to "order" at any time.

At 8:45, a resident sent a small note from the iron gate: a bottle of soy sauce, a bottle of small cola, two pounds of pork belly, and two pounds of chicken legs. After receiving the task, Zhai Hong immediately pulled a shopping cart and walked about 500 meters to a nearby supermarket. There are 5 volunteers waiting in line at the entrance of the supermarket, 1.5 meters apart, waiting for release in turn.

Take temperature, purchase, checkout ... Zhai Hong took about 30 minutes, bought 4 things, returned to the gate of the community, and called the residents to go downstairs to collect.

At this moment, the sky suddenly rained heavily, and Zhai Hong got into the shelter to shelter from the rain.

During this gap, Zhai Hong introduced to reporters that she met Zhong Yu while working in Guangzhou in 2007. After getting married, the two worked in Xiangyang for another 3 years and returned to Taiwan in 2013.

Zhong Yu is an authentic Taiwanese. Zhai Hong is still registered in her hometown of Xiangyang, but has obtained a long-term residence permit in Taiwan.

The epidemic has just begun to spread. Zhong Yu telephoned Zhai Hong every day to inquire about the progress of the epidemic, especially worried that they lacked living materials. When he learned that there were fewer and fewer local confirmed and suspected cases, community cadres would come to register every day, and the living supplies were completely guaranteed, and his tense heart gradually relaxed. Just repeatedly told her to wear a mask and protect herself. Because even as far away as Taiwan, everyone now wears a mask before going out.

For 21 days, she has always obeyed the community's arrangements, insisted on staying at the gate of Zhongyuan District, and had to run more than 20 trips a day for the residents, often suffering from back pain. But Zhai Hong said that being able to help others is worth the trouble.

"I still have a mother in my 60s, so I don't feel relieved to leave. As long as the epidemic is not resolved, I will always be a volunteer in my hometown." Zhai Hong said. (Finish)

Source: chinanews

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