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Six placed countries choose man as the entry


Germany has also announced who they will send to the Song Festival in May. 22-year-old Ben Dolic will perform Violent Thing in the final. All six directly placed countries have chosen a man as a Song Contest candidate.

Germany has also announced who they will send to the Song Festival in May. 22-year-old Ben Dolic will perform Violent Thing in the final. All six directly placed countries have chosen a man as a Song Contest candidate.

Welcome to this live blog about all developments around the Eurovision Song Contest that will take place in May 2020 in Rotterdam.

  • The draw of the semi-finals is known
  • The names of participants trickle in
  • The two semi-finals and the final will take place on 12, 14 and 16 May

42 minutes ago

Listen to the entry from Germany here!


Ben Dolic ft. B-OK - Violent Thing

43 minutes ago

Now that it is also known who is sending Germany to Rotterdam, we know that all six countries that were placed directly have chosen a man who represents them at the Songfestival. England, France, Germany, Spain, Italy and the Netherlands have chosen a singer.

an hour ago

Germany chooses entry

After rumors that Helene Fischer would represent Germany, it appears that another artist was chosen as the entry of Germany. 22-year-old Ben Dolic will perform his song Violent Thing on 16 May. Germany is one of the countries that is placed directly and therefore does not have to prove itself during one of the semi-finals.

Ben Dolic will sing 'Violent Thing' for Germany🇩🇪 @Eurovisionde at # ESC2020! 🥳The 22-year-old heads to Rotterdam after a lengthy selection process involving two independent juries🎤.Get to know more about Ben👉 #Eurovision | #OpenUp | #Germany

Avatar AuthorEurovision Song ContestMoment of places15: 45 - 27 February 2020

3 hours ago

There is a Dutch touch to the entry of the United Kingdom of the Eurovision Song Contest. The Dutchman Wim Hof, also known as 'the iceman' plays a role in the video clip of James Newman's My Last Breath . Hof is known for breaking colder records, including taking ice baths.


Dutch touch in entry United Kingdom

7 hours ago

The 32-year-old James Newman is the older brother of singer John Newman, who scored hits in the Netherlands with songs such as Love Me Again and Blame . James Newman co-wrote Blame and included hits from Rudimental and Little Mix. He could also be heard as a singer on the song Therapy by Armin van Buuren. Because the United Kingdom is part of the Big 5, the countries that pay the most for the Songfestival, James Newman is directly in the final with his song My Last Breath.

7 hours ago

The United Kingdom sends singer-songwriter James Newman to Rotterdam. His Songfestival song My Last Breath just premiered on BBC Radio 1.


Meet @JamesNewmanUk representing the UK at #Eurovision 2020 with 'My Last Breath'! 👉https: // 🇬🇧 🎤

Avatar AuthorBBC Eurovision🇬🇧Moment of places10: 37 - 27 February 2020

Sunday at 6:33 PM

Poland sends singer Alicja Szemplińska to the Songfestival in Rotterdam with the song Empires . The singer won a talent show on Sunday, with covers being sung earlier. In the final, three candidates played their Song festival song.


View the entry from Poland here

Sunday at 4:27 PM

Poland sends Alicja Szemplińska to the Eurovision Song Contest

Alicja Szemplińska will represent Poland in May at the Eurovision Song Contest in Rotterdam. The seventeen-year-old singer will perform the song Empire .
During the Polish national final of the song festival, Szemplińska sang alongside Empire the song Euphoria , with which Loreen won the Eurovision Song Contest in 2012 on behalf of Sweden.

As a child, Szemplińska sang in a church choir. As a reward for her profit in the Hit, Hit, Hurray singing program ! in 2016 the Polish singing lessons were given by Seth Riggs, the vocal trainer of Michael Jackson. Szemplińska won the voice competition The Voice of Poland in 2019.

Sunday at 12:02 PM

Singer Ana Soklič will represent Slovenia at the Eurovision Song Contest. With the song Voda , Soklič won the final of the EMA music competition on Saturday evening .


View the entry of Slovenia here

Sunday at 11:50 AM

Go_A is going to the Songfestival with the song Solovey on behalf of Ukraine. On Saturday evening the band became first in the final of the Ukrainian selection show Vidbir, which was held in the Palace of Culture in the capital Kiev. Go_A was founded in 2012 and makes 'folk tronica' music: a mix between traditional folk music and electro.


Ukraine chooses folk-troupe group Go_A as entry Songfestival

Wednesday, February 19 at 10:58 PM

For the 2020 Song Contest, Edsilia Rombley will not only take care of the greenroom. The singer will also make short films in which she is the taxi driver of former winners Anne-Marie David (Luxembourg, 1973), Izhar Cohen (Israel, 1978), Niamh Kavanagh (Ireland, 1993) and Ruslana (Ukraine, 2004). She shows them Rotterdam and remembers the Song Festival with them.

Wednesday, February 19 at 5:56 PM

A French minister is not satisfied with the English lyrics of the entry from Tom Leeb.

Wednesday, February 19 at 5:55 PM

Belgian band Hooverphonic under fire with Eurovision fans
After an unfortunate statement, the Belgian entry Hooverphonic has come under fire from national and international Eurovision fans. Member of the band Alex Callier is said to have called the Song Contest a "bad taste circus." However, the band argues that the statement has been taken out of context and explains that this statement refers to what people in Callier's environment, who repeatedly asked him why he wanted to participate, think of Eurovision.

"In the circus of the 'bad taste' there is also occasionally room for a pearl. That is our mission. I think many people who criticize social media have not been watching the show for a long time. a change has come with songs such as those by Salvador Sobral and Blanche ", he refers to the Portuguese and Belgian entry from 2017.

Monday, February 17 at 12:17 PM

The entry from Belgium, Release Me from Hooverphonic, now also has a video clip.


Belgium - Hooverphonic - Release Me

Monday, February 17 at 12:06 PM

The Czech entry Benny Cristo played his song Kemama live for the first time during the national final in Ukraine.


Czech entry live for the first time

Monday, February 17 at 11:06 AM

Fuss for problems in Norwegian national final
In Norway a fuss arose after the national final Melodi Grand Prix, which was broadcast live on Saturday evening. The winner would be determined by online voting via the Norwegian broadcaster NRK website. In the first round, four super finalists would be chosen from the ten participants. However, there was a technical problem that made voting impossible. The first selection of four finalists was then made on the basis of a jury of thirty people who based their judgment on the songs via Spotify, instead of the live performances of Saturday night.

Artists reacted angrily that their performance, which they had been working on for months, did not ultimately affect the first round of votes. It was also said on social media that in the later rounds (in which two final finalists were selected from the four remaining songs and the final winner came from) the voting process was still problematic. NRK has indicated in a reaction that there will be no voting again and that Ulrikke, who eventually came out as the winner, will represent Norway in Rotterdam with her song Attention .

Singer Raylee, who finished in the first four with her song Wild , responded to the result via Instagram.

⁣Thank you for all the support and love you've all given me and our crew. We are all super happy with our performance and we had such a blast. I am getting all these messages from all of you beautiful people saying that you could not vote when we were going from 4-2. ⠀ I am truly sorry that the NRK voting system broke down so you could not hear your votes through and voices heard in the end, I think that hurt us a lot .. ⠀ NRK had a backup system consisting of just 30 people with different age voting. We want to move on now and continue to perform with our song. We have so much planned for the future, so stay tuned! ⠀ Thank you again for following us on our journey and for ALL your support. Xoxo Raylee

Avatar Author rylee official Time of posting 12: 46 - February 16, 2020

Monday, February 17 at 8:38 AM

Hooverphonic, the entry from Belgium, chooses the song Release Me . The song was written by band member Alex Callier. "I wrote the song the moment my father was incurably ill, but the theme is universal: sooner or later everyone will have to say goodbye to a friend, family member or loved one."

Sunday, February 16 at 9:29 PM

France's entry for the Eurovision Song Contest in Rotterdam is called The Best in me . Tom Leeb will play the song in Rotterdam in May. The thirty-year-old singer first performed The Best in me on the Eiffel Tower on Sunday. Leeb released his debut album Recollection in September.


French entry Songfestival sings song from the Eiffel Tower

Saturday, February 15 at 11:41 PM

Ulrikke will represent Norway at the Eurovision Song Contest with the song Attention . She was selected on Saturday evening during the Norwegian heat Melodi Grand Prix.
Ulrikke became second in 2018 in the Norwegian vocal competition Stjernekamp. In 2017, the 24-year-old singer also participated in the Melodi Grand Prix, but was unable to get hold of the ticket to the Song Festival at the time.
Prior to the national final, Attention was already one of the favorites for the win. The song was written by Christian Ingebrigtsen and Mørland who represented in Norway in 2015 with the song A Monster Like Me .

📣ATTENTION! UIrikke has won Melodi Grand Prix and will represent Norway🇳🇴 | @NRKmgp at # ESC2020 with her song Attention! Find out more👉 #OpenUp | #Eurovision | #Norway

Avatar AuthorEurovision Song ContestMoment of places22: 15 - 15 February 2020

Saturday, February 15 at 11:33 PM

The Roop will represent Lithuania at the Eurovision Song Contest with the song On Fire . The band was formed in 2014 and consists of three members. They describe their music style as a mix of pop-rock and indie. Their debut album To Whom It May Concern was released in 2015.
The Roop previously participated in Lithuania's national selection in 2018, but was not selected at the time. On Fire discusses how people often underestimate themselves and are too critical towards themselves.

We have a result! Lithuania has chosen The Roop to represent them in # ESC2020 with the song On Fire.Find out more👉 #OpenUp | #Eurovision | #Lithuania

Avatar AuthorEurovision Song ContestMoment of places22: 13 - 15 February 2020

Saturday, February 15 at 9:43 PM

Athena Manoukian will represent Armenia at the Eurovision Song Contest with the song Chains On You . The 25-year-old singer was born in Greece, where she participated in the national Junior Songfestival in 2008. With the song To Fili Tis Aphroditis , Manoukian became seventh.
In 2011, Manoukian released her first single, Party Like a Freak . As a songwriter she was successful with the song Palia Mou Agapi . This song became a hit for singer Helena Paparizou, the first and so far only Greek winner of the Eurovision Song Contest in 2005.

🥳 Congratulations to @AthenaManoukian who has won Depi Evratesil with the song "Chains On You" and will represent Armenia at # ESC2020! Find out more👉 #OpenUp | #Eurovision | #Armenia

Avatar AuthorEurovision Song ContestMoment of places21: 08 - 15 February 2020

Wednesday, February 12 at 8:16 AM

In the coming days, different countries will present their entry for the upcoming Songfestival.
15 February: After weeks of preliminary rounds, Norway, Armenia and Lithuania select their candidates in national finals.
February 16: Tom Leeb, who represents France, presents his song.
17 February: The Belgian band Hooverphonic presents the entry on Monday 17 February.

Wednesday, February 12 at 7:38 AM

Roxen will represent Romania at the Eurovision Song Contest in May. The twenty-year-old singer was chosen by the Romanian broadcaster TVR. Roxen broke through in her home country last year and has two hits to her name. On March 1, the singer sings five songs during a national final. The audience and a jury of experts will then choose the song with which the singer will travel to Rotterdam in May.

Roxen will represent Romania | @_TVR at # ESC2020🇷🇴🎤The young singer from Cluj has had 2 Romanian chart toppers, and was selected by a team of music experts at TVR📺Read more about Roxen👉 #Eurovision | #OpenUp | # Romania

Avatar AuthorEurovision Song ContestMoment of places20: 00 - 11 February 2020

Tuesday, February 11 at 8:19 AM

NikkieTutorials will be the online presenter of the Eurovision Song Contest 2020. The YouTube star will report on the music event through the international online channels of the Eurovision Song Contest and also record a YouTube series with the participating artists.


Duncan Laurence hoped that Nikkie would present the Songfestival

Monday, February 10 at 11:15 AM

On behalf of the NOS, the Dutch company Ampco Flashlight may provide lighting and audio facilities for the Eurovision Song Contest in Rotterdam, among other things. The construction of the event starts at the beginning of April, the preparations are in full swing. Dick van Berkum, CEO of Ampco Flashlight says "very happy and proud that we can contribute to this globally unique calling card from and for the Netherlands." Previously the company was also involved in the Eurovision Song Contest in Lisbon.

Monday, February 10 at 9:52 AM

The Spanish entry Blas Cantó has sung his song Universo live for the first time.

Monday, February 10 at 9:45 AM

Germany will take a different approach in 2020. After the second to last place in 2019, the German broadcaster is not organizing a national final this year, but opted for an internal selection. A jury of a hundred carefully selected German Song Contest connoisseurs and twenty international music connoisseurs who were already on the jury of the Song Contest have selected a candidate from the submitted songs. The German participant in the Songfestival will be presented on 27 February.

Germany🇩🇪 | @eurovisionde have chosen their # ESC2020 song & artist by putting expert juries in charge! entryThe entry will be revealed on 27 February📅Find out about the new selection process👉 #Eurovision | #OpenUp | #Germany

Avatar AuthorEurovision Song ContestMoment of places09: 30 - 10 February 2020

Monday, February 10 at 8:40 AM

Although most countries are still busy selecting their candidate for the 2020 Song Festival, the Australian singer Dami Im is already looking a little further. Im, who sang her country to a second place in 2016 with the song Sound Of Silence , announced during the Australian national final this year that she will stand for election again next year. Singer born in South Korea says she misses the Songfestival and would like to return. The artist has a year to prepare for her participation in Australia Decides 2021.

Sunday, February 9 at 11:18 AM

Samanta Tīna will represent Latvia at the Eurovision Song Contest with the song Still Breathing . The 30-year-old singer was elected by audience votes on Saturday evening during the final of the television program Supernova. What is certain is that Tīna is very motivated: she applied five times before to go to the Song Contest for Latvia, and twice she tried to participate for Lithuania.

Sunday, February 9 at 10:49 AM

The 17-year-old Destiny Chukunyere was elected as representative of Malta after winning the final of the Maltese version of the talent show X-Factor . Chukunyere has relevant experience: in 2015 she won the Junior Eurovision Song Contest with the song Not My Soul .


Destiny Chukunyere - Not My Soul - Malta - 2015 Junior Eurovision Song Contest

Sunday, February 9 at 10:39 AM

The Italian representative for the Eurovision Song Contest is 38-year-old singer-songwriter Antonio Diodato. His song Fai Rumore won the first prize at the music festival in Sanremo. Diodato has to shorten the song a little bit, because now it is 36 seconds too long to qualify as a Songfestival number.

Saturday, February 8 at 1:30 PM

This weekend is an important moment for the Eurovision Song Contest: Italy, Latvia and Malta also choose their representatives. Many countries, unlike the Netherlands, have a big show around the preliminaries in which the public can vote on the entry.

Saturday, February 8 at 1:23 PM

This year Australia is again taking part in the Eurovision Song Contest. During the local preliminaries, the decision was made to Don't Break Me by singer Montaigne. Australia finished ninth in 2019 with Kate Miller-Heidke competing with Zero Gravity . Montaigne must compete for a place in the final during the first semifinal on 12 May.

Australia🇦🇺 has decided that @actualmontaigne will perform in Rotterdam🌟.Montaigne won #AusDecides live from the Gold Coast and will now travel from down to sing 'Don't Break Me' at # ESC2020🎙️..Find out more on our website shortly, by tapping the link in our bio👆. #OpenUp | #Eurovision | #Australia

Avatar AutorureurisionVision of places13: 07 - 8 February 2020

Wednesday, February 5 at 8:53 AM

Israel has announced its candidate for the Eurovision Song Contest. Nineteen-year-old Eden Alens will represent the country in Rotterdam in May with a number to be announced on March 3. The daughter of Ethiopian parents became famous in Israel for her victory in the talent contest X Factor. She also won the singing competition The Next Star , with which she won a ticket to Rotterdam.

The Next Star in Israel is @eden_alene! 🌟 She will represent @kan_israel, last year's hosts at # ESC2020🇮🇱🎊. Find out more on our website, by tapping the link in our bio👆. #OpenUp | #Eurovision | #Israel

Avatar AuteureurovisionMoment of places23: 12 - 4 February 2020

Tuesday, February 4 at 3:15 PM

Benny Cristo has been a famous artist in the Czech Republic for years. In 2009 he released his first material and in recent years he has won millions of streams for different singles.


Benny Cristo - Kemama

Tuesday, February 4 at 3:08 PM

The Czech Republic also has a candidate for the Songfestival. In a national final with seven songs, which could also be voted internationally via the official Songfestival app, Benny Cristo came out as the winner. He received the most votes from the audience and the jury placed him in second place. The Angolan-Czech artist sings the song Kemama .

Benny Cristo will sing 'Kemama' for the Czech Republic🇨🇿 at # ESC2020🥳Benny won his national selection, scoring highly with both the Czech audience and international jury📱.Read more👉 #OpenUp | #Eurovision | #CzechRepublic

Avatar AuthorEurovision Song ContestMoment of places19: 06 - 3 February 2020

Monday, February 3 at 10:51 PM

Greek-Dutch singer Stefania Liberakakis (17) will represent Greece at the Eurovision Song Contest in Rotterdam. Liberakakis, born in Utrecht, participated in 2016 with the girl group Kisses for the Netherlands in the Junior Eurovision Song Contest. "I hope to make my fellow Greeks and all Dutch people proud," said Liberakakis on Instagram.

OMG FINALLY I can confirm the rumors that have been going around for a while now: YESSS I will proudly represent my country GREECE in the Eurovision Song Contest 2020 in Rotterdam !! It's so crazy to realize that this dream has actually come true !! Many thanks to ERT for giving me this opportunity! I hope to make my fellow andλληνες and also all Dutch people so proud! I will go for it 100% and I will not let you down !! 🧡 ••• Η αλήθεια είναι ότι δυσκολεύομαι κι εγώ να το πιστέψω, αλλά μπορώ επιτέλους να επιβεβαιώσω υου Ναι, θα είμαι η εκπρόσωπος της χώρας μου στη φετινή Γιουροβίζιον στο Ρότερνταμ και ευχαριστώ πάρα πολύ την ΕΡΤ που έκανε το πιο τρελό μου όνειρο πραγματικότητα !! Αν και γεννήθηκα στην Ολλανδία, έρχομαι κάθε χρόνο στην Ελλάδα και τη λατρεύω όσο θυμάμαι τον μουυ. Υπόσχομαι να κάνω ό, τι καλύτερο μπορώ και να σας κάνω υπερήφανους !! 💙 ••• # ESC2020 #Eurovision #Greece #ERT #SUPERG! RL

Avatar Authorstefania_Moment of places20: 40 - 3 February 2020

Thursday, January 30 at 11:11 AM

The second round of ticket sales for the Songfestival starts at noon.

Thursday, January 30 at 10:37

The second song for the Eurovision Song Contest of 2020 is known. Spain sends singer Blas Cantó with the contemporary pop song Universo .


Blas Cantó presents the Spanish Eurovision entry Universo

Wednesday, January 29 at 8:40 AM

The following will play in the second semifinal:
first part: Austria, Moldova, Poland, San Marino, Serbia, Iceland, the Czech Republic, Greece, Estonia
second part: Denmark, Bulgaria, Switzerland, Finland, Armenia, Latvia, Georgia, Portugal, Albania

Wednesday, January 29 at 8:38 AM

During the draw it was already known in which part of the semi-final the countries will perform.
For the first semifinal it looks like this:
first part: Northern Macedonia, Belarus, Lithuania, Sweden, Slovenia, Australia, Ireland, Russia
second part: Norway, Cyprus, Croatia, Azerbaijan, Malta, Israel, Ukraine, Romania, Belgium

Wednesday, January 29 at 8:37 AM

Belgium is competing against a few countries that achieved good results in recent years. For example, Sweden has not been in the top 10 once in the last ten years. Russia managed to reach the top 10 seven times during the last ten participations. Since the first participation in 2015, Australia has never missed the ticket to the final and in 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2019 it won the top ten.

Wednesday, January 29 at 8:32 AM

The Belgian entry Hooverphonic enters the first semifinal. It is the first time since 2015 that the Netherlands and Belgium are voting in the same semi-final.

Wednesday, January 29 at 8:19 AM

The Netherlands can vote in the first semifinal of the Eurovision Song Contest. Because the Netherlands won the festival last year, Jeangu Macrooy has automatically been placed for the final.

Wednesday, January 22 at 6:10 PM

Salvador Sobral, winner of the Eurovision Song Contest 2017, says he plays a role in the upcoming film about the Eurovision Song Contest. In the Prova Oral talk show, the Portuguese announced that he would take on the role of street musician. In the film by Will Ferrell you can also see Rachel McAdams and Pierce Brosnan. According to Sobral, the film will appear on Netflix in May, the month of the Eurovision Song Contest.

Tuesday, January 21 at 1:50 PM

In the meantime, Jeangu Macrooy teaches us how to pronounce his name.


@ JeanguMacrooy has heard his name so often wrong lately that he thought maybe I should record a tutorial. Emma van Yung DWDD wanted to help him with that. #DWDD # eurovision2020 #JeanguNondeju

Avatar AuthorDeWorldDraaitDoorMoment of places19: 27 - 20 January 2020

Tuesday, January 21 at 1:39 PM

It looks like the preparations for drawing lots are going smoothly.


Jan Smit practices with Chantal Janzen for the Songfestival

Tuesday, January 21 at 1:32 PM

The Spanish entry of Blas Cantó now has a title. The song with which he represents his country is called Universo . Thursday January 23 it will be clear when the song can be heard for the first time.


'Universo es la canción de @BlasCanto para Festival de Eurovisión 2020📌Y este jueves se publicará la PORTADA y sabremos la FECHA DE ESTRENO de la canción y el video clip de Universo #EuroEstreno # UniversoBlas👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼

Avatar Auteureurovision_rtveMoment of places12: 02 - January 21, 2020

Tuesday, January 21 at 1:29 PM

Edsilia Rombley and her colleagues are preparing to present the draw, which takes place on Tuesday 28 January.

So excited for the allocation draw for @Eurovision next week !! Prepping with @JanSmit and @chantaljanzen AS WE SPEAK esc # esc2020 # esf2020 @songfestival #songfestival #openup

Avatar Author Edsilia Rombley Moment of Places 11: 35 - January 21, 2020

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