The singer Ben Dolic is starting for Germany at the Eurovision Song Contest (ESC) this year. The jury's decision for the 22-year-old with his song Violent Thing was announced on Thursday in Hamburg during the recording of the television show Our Song for Rotterdam by Norddeutscher Rundfunk. Dolic had taken second place in the casting show The Voice of Germany in 2018.

"It's a dance anthem," said Dolic. The song Violent Thing is said to be reminiscent of songs by Michael Jackson and Justin Timberlake. It was written by Boris Milanov, who has consistently placed his songs in the top 7 of the ESC over the past four years.

Dolic was born on May 4th, 1997 in Slovenia's capital Ljubljana. At the age of twelve he was on stage with the Slovenian version of Das Supertalent and reached the semi-finals. As a member of Group D Base, he participated in the Slovenian ESC preliminary decision in 2016. Dolic moved to Switzerland with his family at the age of 18. For the ESC participation, he now had to convince two independent juries in a multi-stage selection process.

Selection process changed again and again

The NDR is responsible for the Eurovision Song Contest within the ARD. The nomination broadcast now being recorded will be broadcast on ARD specialty channel One on Thursday evening. In recent years, the selection process for the German entry has changed again and again after disappointing results in the ESC final. This time there was therefore no longer any preliminary decision with audience participation.

The decision was made by two juries, which jointly decided on the candidate and the contribution. One jury consisted of professionals from the music business, the other of 100 ESC fans selected by ARD. Over 600 artists were heard. In the end, 20 combinations of ten artists and 17 songs remained. Last year, the decision was made in a procedure in which the juries and television viewers voted during a live show on television directly after the applicants' appearances.

Those responsible hope that the changed procedure will improve the chances for the German starter. In 2019, the German duo S! Sters was only penultimate. The ESC final will take place on May 16 in Rotterdam. Germany is set for the final.