Rewrite Molière: "The Misanthrope"

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In the Mounet Sully room of the Comédie Française, the actors played the reading of "Un Misanthrope" after "Le Misanthrope". © RFI / Anthony Ravera

By: Pascal Paradou

The Center for French-speaking Theater in Poland Drameducation, in partnership with the Comédie Française has ordered 10 authors to rewrite plays by Molière, according to the criteria of the collection 10 out of 10, that is pieces in 10 pages for 10 characters intended for learners of French.


Today, the second play in this new cycle: according to Le Misanthrope , Un misanthrope ou le Entire Monde is a theater (and all men and women are only actors) by the French Dorothée Zumstein .

The reading is provided by comedians of the Comédie Française Thierry Hancisse, Éric Génovèse, Françoise Gillard, Loïc Corbery, Pierre Louis-Calixte, Noam Morgensztern and the comedians from the 2019-2020 promotion of the Académie de la Comédie -French Salomé Benchimol, Camille Seitz and Nicolas Verdier, supervised by Laurent Mulheisen .

Realization: Guillaume Ploquin .

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