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A letter to Chi Hu's husband in Wuhan: Go ahead and fight to protect my homeland


[Explanation] Recently, a letter from Shu Lijuan, a nurse in the intensive care unit of Xupu County People's Hospital, Huaihua County, Hunan Province, wrote a letter to her husband Zhou Sheng, who is helping Wuhan.

Hold your hand and grow old with your son. You and I are both medical staff, and we have supported each other over the years, like a comrade in a trench. This time, you and I asked for help to fight the "epidemic" front line. The hospital approved your request after weighing and considering. Unfortunately, we cannot go with you. You go ahead to fight, I will protect the homeland! Spring is here, cherry blossoms are about to bloom in the mountains, blooming in the land of the motherland, we wait for you to go home.

It is understood that the husband and wife are both medical staff of Xupu County People's Hospital. Facing the severe epidemic of new crown pneumonia, the husband and wife voluntarily rushed to the front line of anti-epidemic in Wuhan. Finally, the hospital decided to send Zhou Sheng to go.

[Contemporary] Zhoupu County, the first batch of assistance to members of the Wuhan medical team

Now the epidemic in Wuhan is more serious. As a medical staff, we have the responsibility and obligation to support.

[Explanation] Although she did not fulfill her wish to go to Wuhan with her husband, Shu Lijuan, who stayed at the Xupu County People's Hospital, also devoted herself to fighting the epidemic in her post, and was busy from morning to late at night. Worried about the safety of her husband who was far away in Wuhan, but also afraid of interrupting his work, Shu Lijuan pondered over and over, in her spare time, wrote this genuine home letter to cheer her husband up.

[Same Period] Shu Lijuan, Nurse, Xupu County People's Hospital

Husband, you must take care of yourself over there. Only by taking care of your body can you have the energy to take care of other patients. Rest assured over there, I will take good care of all of us, Xiaojia. I believe in you, and I believe in the determination of the people of the country to overcome the epidemic. Husband, come on, Wuhan, come on, China.

[Explanation] Although she was not included in the list of the first batch of volunteers to support Wuhan, Shu Lijuan is well prepared to go to the front line and participate in follow-up support operations while she is doing her job in the rear.

[Same Period] Shu Lijuan, Nurse, Xupu County People's Hospital

I feel that as long as it is a part of the Chinese people, we all have a responsibility and an obligation to protect our Chinese citizens. We are not only white angels but also white soldiers.

Liu Shuihua, Yang Zhiyuan, Luo Wenjie, Hunan Huaihua report

Editor-in-chief: [Liu Xian]

Source: chinanews

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