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A Guangzhou project concealed the number of returnees in key epidemic areas, causing 54 people to be quarantined


(Combating new crown pneumonia) 54 people were quarantined due to concealment of the number of returnees in key epidemic areas in a Guangzhou project

China News Network, Guangzhou, February 27th (Cheng Jingwei, Ye Chen, Zhang Yitao) The Guangzhou Municipal Public Security Bureau's News Office notified on February 27 that recently, a project department in Zengcheng District of the city concealed the number of personnel returned to the key epidemic area in Guangzhou, which led to colleagues All 54 people were isolated for 14 days, and the project department was given administrative penalties by the public security organs.

On February 2nd, the police in Zengcheng District of Guangzhou received an alarm saying that the relevant person in charge of an engineering department in Xiancun Town of the district failed to report the number of people returning to Zengcheng from the key epidemic area in accordance with relevant requirements, and there was a concealment. After receiving the report, the police quickly launched an investigation.

According to the police's understanding, on February 1st, the Office of Epidemic Prevention and Control of Xiancun Town, Zengcheng District found that five returnees from key epidemic areas came to Xiancun Health Center to consult physical signs monitoring matters. Upon inquiry, the five were staff members of an engineering department in Xiancun Township, and had just returned to Zengcheng. According to their reports, there are still a few fellows in the same project department. Previously, the project department reported to the Xiancun Town Epidemic Prevention and Control Office that only four people from the project department returned to Zengcheng's key epidemic areas after January 10.

Due to discrepancies in the data, the Epidemic Prevention and Control Office of Xiancun Town, Zengcheng District immediately joined the relevant departments to inspect the project department's residence, and found that 54 people lived in the project department's living area, including 21 returnees from key epidemic areas, including January. There were a total of 10 personnel in the key epidemic areas returning to Guangzhou after 10 days. According to the regulations, these 10 persons are all within the scope of the reporting. Due to the concealment by the project department, all 54 people in the living area were isolated for 14 days. At present, the quarantine has ended, and fortunately, no new crown virus infection has occurred.

Recently, according to the provisions of the "Policy on Public Security Management Penalty of the People's Republic of China," the Guangzhou Zengcheng Police recently imposed fines on the relevant responsible persons of the project department and fined Zhou, and issued warnings and penalties on the responsible person Yin. (Finish)

Source: chinanews

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