At a convenience store, a woman is stabbed by a Japanese sword and dies.Husband arrested.

Early in the morning of the 26th, a woman in her 50s was killed by a knife at a convenience store in Akaiwa City, Okayama Prefecture. Police have arrested her husband in her 50s, who found it nearby to have stabbed it with a Japanese sword, and are investigating details.

At 5:00 am on the 26th, an employee of a convenience store in Hozaki, Akaiwa City reported to the police that "a man with a knife has stabbed a woman".

A police officer rushed in and found that an unemployed worker living nearby, Toshie Kobayashi (50), had fallen with blood and was taken to the hospital, but died about an hour after being stomach stabbed. .

A bloody Japanese sword was found at his home near the store, and the police admitted that Yoshinori Kobayashi, 51, a self-employed husband, had stabbed Toshie with a Japanese sword. Arrested for alleged attempted murder.

Just before the incident, a 77-year-old mother, living with her at home, reported that she had woken me up saying "My wife was killed. My son was swinging his sword." I am injured and received medical treatment at a hospital.

Police will switch the charge to murder in the future to investigate details and motives.