Actor Vincent Lacoste is showing a new film, "My glory days" by Antoine de Bary, which hits theaters on Wednesday. Eleven years after "Les Beaux Gosses", a film by Riad Sattouf which revealed the actor, Vincent Lacoste explained on Tuesday at the microphone of Europe 1, why the scenario and his character, Adrien, a former child star who fell into oblivion, seduced him.


Eleven years after Les beaux gosses by Riad Sattouf, who revealed it to the general public, actor Vincent Lacoste is playing a new film, alongside Emmanuelle Devos and Christophe Lambert: My glory days d 'Antoine de Bary, which hits theaters on Wednesday. At the microphone of Nathalie Lévy, he explained, the day before his release, why he feels "close" to this film.

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With My Days of Glory , Vincent Lacoste operates almost a homecoming. In the role of Adrien, main character of the film which he describes as "an ex-child star who no longer has any success", we recognize Hervé, hero of the Beautiful kids ill at ease and clumsy. This time, Vincent Lacoste does not embody a nonchalant adolescent but a young adult in search of fame. Adrien was successful "when he was ten years old with a film called Le P'tit Bidule", explains the actor, now 26 years old. And, to rediscover the glory of yesteryear, the most hazardous possibilities are envisaged: Adrien "is trying to revive himself in the world of cinema by passing casting for the biopic of General de Gaulle", sums up Vincent Lacoste.

Identity crisis

With such a character, Vincent Lacoste once again assumes to interpret "a family of somewhat loosers, nonchalant characters". But it's less Adrien than the scenario that seems to have convinced Vincent Lacoste. "It's a film that I feel close to and that I like very much because I feel that it evokes problems that many people can have today: to feel a kind of pressure before entering in working life and choose what they want to do, "says the actor. It is therefore, according to him, "to tell a passage to adulthood by a fall, to tell the evil that one can have to find oneself and to understand who one is".

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As in Les Beaux Gosses, all aspects of life are discussed, without taboos. "Adrien has problems in all strata of his life: sexual, he cannot find love, communicate with his parents, he has no job, no money", explains Vincent Lacoste. As if to represent, according to him, "everyone's fears".