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Allergy: Now they're flying again


Atchoo! It starts again, pollen and other allergens torture millions of people. Allergies are the epidemics of our time. Researchers are beginning to understand why.

If you want to understand why so many people start sneezing and rubbing their eyes in spring again, imagine a battalion of underemployed warriors: They have not gone into battle for a long time, now they hang around in front of the barracks and polish their rifles. Because some are bored, they set out to explore the area. At some point the rustling stopped the troop: "There, in the bush!" And indeed, the scrub begins to shake - the soldiers get queasy, they go home nervously. From now on, however, they scrutinize every bush, raise the alarm when the leaves tremble even the smallest - and flatten suspicious shrubs with cannon volleys. For the warriors, it doesn't matter that it's just cats climbing in the woods. From now on, every bush will be fought mercilessly.

Source: zeit

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