Teacher confirms infection Junior high school Closed on school until next month 4 February 12:31 on February 25, Chiba

Chiba City will continue to close secondary schools for female teachers in their 60s who have been confirmed to be infected with the new coronavirus until next month and measure body temperature twice daily for all elementary and junior high school students in the city. Thorough measures were taken to prevent the spread of infection.

In Chiba City, a female teacher in her 60s was found to be infected with the new coronavirus this month, and a measure was taken to temporarily suspend school work in Hanamigawa-ku until 26th.

Chiba City, May 25, attended by Mayor Toshihito Kumagai and other members, held a meeting of the Headquarters for Response, in which it was reported that the school would be closed for schools until next month with advice from the National Institute of Infectious Diseases. .

In order to prevent the spread of the infection, all elementary and junior high school students in the municipal government have decided to measure their body temperature twice a day and have them report to the school.

After the meeting, Mayor Kumagai revealed that one teacher and six students who had developed a fever and cough at a junior high school where the teacher worked were all negative for the virus test, and that their fellow faculty members 35 In addition to the people, the teacher indicated that he would continue health observation for about 210 students who were in charge of classes.

Mayor Kumagai said, "We will take care of students' mental health and respond to supplementary classes, and we will also share the results of health observations with parents and eliminate anxiety."