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More than 10,000 citizens in Wuhan sign up for volunteer services to help community epidemic prevention and control


(Fighting new crown pneumonia) More than 10,000 citizens in Wuhan have signed up for volunteer services to help community epidemic prevention and control

China News Service Wuhan, February 23 (Liu Jinfeng, Xu Jinbo) The Wuhan City Epidemic Prevention and Control Headquarters issued a 23rd circular to carry out the "Volunteer Service Care Action" for epidemic prevention and control, and recruited volunteers throughout the city for closed communities. Residents provided services such as food and drug purchasing and delivery, and the number of online registrations on that day exceeded 10,000.

A notice issued on the same day stated that according to the relevant requirements of the Central Propaganda Department and the Central Civilization Office to carry out epidemic prevention and control "voluntary service care actions" in Wuhan, Wuhan New Crown Pneumonia Epidemic Prevention and Control Command decided to recruit "voluntary service care actions" "volunteer.

The volunteers recruited this time are mainly residents of the community in Wuhan. They mainly provide food and drug purchasing and delivery services to residents in the community. The district prevention and control headquarters, the street community, and the traffic management department are responsible for providing the passports for the volunteers, and the district prevention and control headquarters and the Civilization Office are responsible for providing the necessary protection and working conditions for the volunteers. Volunteers are recruited by the sub-district offices and managed and used by the community.

On the early morning of the 23rd, Zhou Qing, a resident of Huajin Community, Nanhu Street, Wuchang District, Wuhan, took the initiative to register in the community, registered as a volunteer, and received volunteer service tasks on the spot to deliver food to the elderly in need in the community.

Zhou Qing, 37, has always been keen to participate in volunteer service activities. Recently, I saw that the community has implemented closed management. Some residents report that the community has insufficient manpower and there is a lot of content to serve the community residents. Therefore, Zhou Qing moved to go out to participate in voluntary services. Just today Wuhan City issued a special recruitment order for volunteer services. Zhou Qing said to her family and hurried to the community to sign up.

Like Zhou Qing, husband and wife Wei Lai and Li Quanquan, who live in the Huajin community, have taken the initiative to participate in volunteer service in the community since the outbreak of the new crown pneumonia, helping the community to do what they can. After the community was closed and managed, the couple really saw the demand for residents' services increasing, and the community was understaffed and overwhelmed. Today I heard about the Volunteer Convocation Order, and the two quickly registered on the system.

According to Zhou Lin, Secretary of the Party Committee and Community Director of Huajin Community, Nanhu Street, today the community organized a special recruitment of volunteer services in accordance with the unified deployment of Wuhan. More than 100 residents came to sign up on the afternoon of the day. "Every volunteer is very enthusiastic and chooses nothing about the service, without any complaints." Zhou Lin said.

According to Zhou Lin, these volunteers come to the community to help community workers carry out four types of personnel investigation, living materials and drug distribution, community gate control, and community patrols. The community will also provide basic security materials such as masks for volunteers. "With the participation of volunteers, our pressure is much less, and we can keep up with the service needs of residents."

Chen Qiangsheng, a first-level investigator of the Propaganda Department of the Wuhan Municipal Party Committee, said that since the volunteer recruitment order was issued today, citizens have registered very actively. As of 17:00, the number of online applicants in the city has exceeded 10,000. (Finish)

Source: chinanews

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