(Fighting New Coronary Pneumonia) Macau distributes cash in advance to help residents fight the epidemic

China News Agency, Macau, February 24th. The Macau SAR Executive Council announced on the 24th that it has completed discussions on the draft administrative regulations for the 2020 Cash Sharing Plan and issued cash advances for the current year in advance. The estimated expenditure is about 7.1 billion yuan (MOP, the same below) ).

The Executive Council issued a press release stating that based on the impact of the new coronavirus pneumonia epidemic on Macau ’s economy and people ’s livelihood, the SAR government decided to make special arrangements for this year ’s cash sharing distribution and advance the cash sharing payments generally started in July to 4 Issued monthly.

According to the arrangements for the cash sharing plan in the "Fiscal Year 2020", the Macao SAR Government will issue 10,000 yuan in cash to each permanent resident and 6,000 yuan in cash to each non-permanent resident. There are about 680,000 permanent residents and 48,000 non-permanent residents, with a total budget of about 7.1 billion yuan. (Finish)