China Weather Network News Today (24th), Beijing ’s rainfall will increase, and the eastern and southern regions will be the first to rain during the day. At night, the range of rainfall will continue to spread throughout the city. Snow may fall in mountainous areas, which will have a certain impact on the evening peak. Pay attention to traffic safety.

Yesterday, Beijing was very sunny and the temperature was more comfortable. This morning, all parts of Beijing are still warm online. Around 5 o'clock, the temperature in Chaoyang and Daxing has reached above freezing.

This morning, the weather in Beijing was mainly cloudy. (Picture / Jiang Yi)

The Beijing Meteorological Observatory predicts that the weather in Beijing will be cloudy and cloudy during the day, light rain in the east and south, and the range of rain at night will spread. There will be light rain in most areas and snow may fall in the mountains; the maximum temperature is 10 ° C, and the minimum temperature is 2 ° C.

7-day city forecast for Beijing.

It is expected that the next day of tomorrow, Beijing will stop raining, the weather will be mostly cloudy or cloudy, and the wind will not be strong. The rainfall was short and the rainfall was not heavy. The highest temperature in Beijing in the next two days will still reach 9 ° C, and the lowest temperature will drop slightly. Between 0 ° C and -2 ° C, the body feeling will still be relatively warm.

Meteorological experts reminded that due to the combined effects of heating and cooling groups, there will be a city-wide light rain this afternoon to night in Beijing, which will have a certain impact on the evening peak. Publics need to bring rain gear when they go out and pay attention to traffic safety.