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"Little Tangyuan" was discharged from hospital and named "Chen Youyi", meaning Tianyou Zhonghua


(Fighting new crown pneumonia) "Little Tangyuan" was discharged from hospital and named "Chen Youyi", meaning Tianyou Zhonghua

China News Network, Hangzhou, February 24th (Reporter Guo Qiyu) On the 24th, the reporter learned from the Children's Hospital Affiliated to the Medical College of Zhejiang University (hereinafter referred to as "Zhejiang Children's Hospital") that the baby who was born on the 17th day of the Lantern Festival "Little Tangyuan" was discharged from the hospital on the same day. "Little Tangyuan" parents have named the child "Chen Youyi", which means Tianyou Zhonghua, with one heart.

On the feast of the Japanese Yen on February 8th, a mother with severe neo-coronary pneumonia gave birth to a child and named her "small dumplings." After initial care, the "small dumplings" were immediately transferred to the "Zhejiang Children's Hospital" isolation ward. During this period, the hospital performed several nucleic acid tests on the new coronal pneumonia virus on the throat swabs, blood, feces, urine, and lymphocytes of the "small dumplings", and the results were all negative.

"Little dumplings" with medical staff. Photo courtesy of Zhejiang University

"'Xiaotangyuan' has officially ruled out the possibility of infection. Congratulations to 'Xiaotangyuan' for their healthy discharge and congratulations to the family." On the 24th, when "Xiaotangyuan" was discharged, Fu Junfen, executive vice president of Zhejiang University Children's Hospital, and the medical expert group Attended the hospital's discharge ceremony and wished the "small dumplings" a peaceful, happy and healthy growth.

Five days ago, the parents of Xiaotangyuan were cured and discharged. As they are still in the period of quarantine and observation, they have not been able to meet the "small dumplings" at the scene and be discharged. In order to make up for this regret, Chen Mingyan, the attending physician of Zhejiang University Children's Hospital, connected with the video to let the parents of "Little Tangyuan" witness this moment.

"Our biggest wish is that 'Xiao Tangyuan' can go home safely and healthily, and now my wish is about to come true. I am so happy." After the video was connected, the parents of "Xiao Tangyuan" were quite excited. The father of "little dumplings" told reporters that at present, the indicators of their spouses are normal and everything is fine.

"Little dumplings" were discharged healthy. Photo courtesy of Zhejiang University

Chen Zheng, deputy director of the Zhejiang University Children's Hospital, said that after leaving the hospital, "little dumplings" will be sent to Haining Central Hospital. The local government has helped contact the Yuezi Center and Yueyi will take care of it. When their parents are separated, the family will reunite.

"This is a family reunion and a good news for the whole society." Fu Junfen said, "We are very happy to wait for this happiness through the joint efforts of the hospital and the hospital. We believe this is just the beginning and more and more families will welcome The joy of reunion. "

"Little Tang Yuan" came to Zhejiang University Children's Hospital from birth. The doctors and nurses here were the first group of people he saw in this world, and the longest group of people. At the moment of parting, the medical staff wrote down the warm wishes for the child. At the scene, they used love gestures to form a large "circle", and wished the "small dumplings" a family peace and reunion. (Finish)

Source: chinanews

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