What is New Crown Pneumonia? How to prevent and control? On February 24, the “New Crown Pneumonia Prevention and Control Course” opened by Fudan University went online. Zhang Wenhong, the leader of Shanghai New Crown Pneumonia Medical Treatment Expert Team and director of the Department of Infectious Diseases of Huashan Hospital affiliated to Fudan University, spreads the knowledge of new crown pneumonia from the perspectives of clinical medicine, epidemiology, social governance, etc. ".

In addition to the popular science explanation of New Coronary Pneumonia, "hard-core professor" Zhang Wenhong also sent a message to college students: If the language is less, the thoughts will come out. For 2 weeks, it is a good exercise for the majority of college students. For two weeks, you are at home and in the dormitory. You are not a doctor, but what you do is more important than a doctor. (Reporter Chen Jing edited by Zhou Jing)

Editor-in-chief: [Liu Xian]