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As the Saved by the Gong reboot takes hold, many will be disappointed to learn that Lark Voorhies will be absent. Indeed, the production decided to dismiss the one who camped out the role of the queen of gossip Lisa Turtle in the original series.

"I must admit that I felt a little hurt and hurt when I was not invited to participate in the return of Saved by the Gong , as well as in other events bringing together the cast," she said. lamented on the set of the Dr. Oz Show .

Lark Voorhies, the actress who played Lisa in #SavedByTheBell, said she feels "a bit slighted and hurt" that she wasn't asked to be in the upcoming reboot of the show.

- E! News (@enews) February 19, 2020

A mental health problem

A heavy blow for Lark Voorhies who believes that his bipolar disorder is largely responsible for his eviction. "Of course, I also realize that having bipolar disorder must have played a major role in this decision," she said. That said, I'm really grateful to have had the chance to work on a series that has been so successful. "


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