Inès has firmly reframed Internet users regarding comments on her physique. - © Philippe LEROUX / ALP / TF1

Launched on TF1 Friday evening with an already cult first episode, Koh-Lanta made an impression, but not necessarily in a good way. If Inès, a 25-year-old candidate, allowed the yellow team to win her very first totem of immunity, some preferred to retain the size of her swimsuit. Indeed, the young woman's physique inspired more or less sexist comments on social networks.

But these words from the ceiling do not seem to scare Inès. In a story posted on Instagram the day after the broadcast, the Parisian nurse firmly cropped the heavyweight.

"I do what I want, it's mine, right?" "

"I thank everyone (...) I am touched, I do not realize everything", she begins, before pushing a little rant: "However you have to relax it's a pair of buttocks, guys, we're going to come down and calm down, I feel like I'm the only one who has a pair of buttocks. There are some who will say "yes but only you show it". Well my faith I do what I want is mine, right? We couldn't have said it better.

In an interview with Télé Loisirs , Denis Brogniart clarified that Inès had made the decision to change the jersey along the way. "From the following games, in order for Inès to be in better shape and even more efficient in the tests, she will have a swimsuit a little more covering," he explained.


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Joseph's bloodshed in "Koh Lanta" seen by Denis Brogniart

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