Sino-Singapore Jingwei Client February 23rd (Wei Wei intern Shao Meng) The barber shop was closed as many other public places as the epidemic. After “home” at home for more than a month, everyone finally couldn't bear their own hairstyles: the male companions laughed at their hairstyles exactly like Daoming Temple, the female companions said that they turned on the super female voice mode, and many people started buying hair clippers to prepare for " "Self-learning", sales of hair clippers are rising steadily ... With the urgent need to meet the needs of haircuts, barbershops have finally resumed work one after another, and they are operating normally while making epidemic prevention measures to prepare for the "February 2" haircut peak.

"I will be able to star in" Meteor Garden "if the barber shop is not resumed."

"The last haircut was on January 10th, and it's been more than a month now. My hair can cover my eyes. I feel like I said in the paragraph. I have the same hairstyle as 'F4' and I can go out. "Meteor Garden", said Zhao Qing, who currently lives in Fengtai District, Beijing, and is currently engaged in the sales industry. "The company has notified that work will resume on February 24 and no haircut will be required. I will go to work with braids in a few days."

Although many companies have begun to resume work, and many restaurants near Zhao Qing's home have also opened for business, several barber shops on the street are locked. Zhao Qing called the manager of a barber shop that he often went to, and the other party said that he would consider when to start work according to the epidemic situation, and may not resume work in early March.

This barber shop is located in a commercial street in Fengtai District, Beijing, with an area of ​​about 50 square meters. The manager said: "We are a small business. There are two shop assistants. The monthly rent plus employee salary costs is about 15,000, and the loss can be tolerated without opening the door for a month. We still want to focus on safety in special times."

"I bought a hair clipper online this morning, and I am going to do my own haircut. Anyway, men's short hair is easier to take care of." Finally, Zhao Qing, who couldn't bear his hairstyle, ordered a hair clipper and watched the haircut tutorial online. , Ready to "show your skills" after receiving the goods.

There are not a few people with the same thoughts as Zhao Qing. During the epidemic, almost all barber shops were closed. Everyone bought hair clippers to cut their hair at home. The topic of “haircut contest at home” also appeared on Weibo, and the reading volume reached 110 million times, the sales of hair clippers are also rising.

On February 19, Pinduoduowei Micro announced the "Top Ten Home Selling Goods List." Hair clippers topped the list, surpassing lipsticks, yoga mats, eggbeaters and pajamas. Public data shows that the number of searches for Pinduo multi-platform hair clippers increased by 410% year-on-year. The sales of dozens of hair clippers, including Feike, Oaks and other brands, rose by 290% year-on-year. More than 30 million yuan. On other e-commerce platforms such as Taobao and Jingdong, hair clippers are also selling well. The reporter from Zhongxin Jingwei searched for “hair clippers” on Taobao and found that the highest-selling model has sold over 200,000 this month.

Hot hair clip source: Taobao screenshot

Haircut needs to be met urgently, barbershops resume work

When asked “Whether the barber shop opens, will he choose to go to the barber shop or go to the barber shop”, Cheng Wen chose the barber shop without hesitation.

Although many people have purchased hair clippers, because of the limited hair cutting technology, most people who try to cut their own hair end in failure: "My colleague cut his own bangs at home and cut the bangs, and the back was potty. Although it is more affordable to cut hair at home , But in order to be able to go out and meet people, most people still want to spend money on haircuts. "

With the advent of resumption of work, the basic needs of residents' lives need to be met urgently, and the need for haircuts is one of them. Recently, some barber shops in Gansu, Changsha, Hangzhou, Nanjing and other places have resumed work after being reviewed by relevant departments, preparing for the "February 2" haircut peak.

On February 18th, the Beijing Hairdressing and Beauty Industry Association issued the "Announcement on Measures to Do Well in Stabilizing the Epidemic Situation of the Hairdressing and Beauty Industry in the City" to guide the orderly resumption of work in the hairdressing industry in Beijing. As of today, 29 hairdressing stores in Beijing have reached the Association's epidemic prevention requirements and are operating normally. According to the reporter of Zhongxin Jingwei, some small fast-cut barber shops and community barber shops have also started to operate. Many supermarkets such as Wumart Supermarket and Meilianmei Supermarket have started to provide quick-cut services. After scanning the code, you can enter the shop in order. Haircut.

Quick Cut Appointment Page Source: Photo courtesy

"Our store opened on February 10, and welcomed more than 40 customers on the first day. However, due to insufficient staff, we can only receive 20 customers a day. So most of the customers were persuaded by the staff." Liu Zhuo, person in charge of a chain barber shop in Chaoyang District, Beijing, said: "For safety reasons, our shop is now implementing an appointment system. You can call or make appointments on the Meituan group, and you must make an appointment at least one day in advance. The business hours are also changed to It's 8 am to 4 pm. "

Liu Zhuo told the Sino-Singapore Jingwei reporter that the two stores that have already started operations are in strict accordance with the requirements of epidemic prevention and disinfection. There are three employees in the store who did not go out during the Chinese New Year. Employees take body temperature daily. They will wash and disinfect their hands strictly before work and wear masks. At present, the shop only provides barbering services, hot dyeing and other services are temporarily cancelled. Each customer must take a temperature measurement before entering the store and wear a mask. During the haircut Employees try not to communicate with customers and reduce contact; there are at most two customers in the store at a time, and the distance is more than 1.5 meters.

Barbershop doing disinfection Source: Photo courtesy

According to Liu Zhuo, compared with the previous passenger flow, there are significantly fewer customers in the store each day, with an average of only ten people per day, which is one-tenth of the number before the epidemic. "We have a total of 5 stores with monthly rents of more than 400,000, which is not even the salary of employees. So far, we have lost about 350,000 yuan. At present, the store's income is still relatively small, which is a few hundred dollars a day. But The loss situation will be eased a bit. "Liu Zhuo's mentality is more optimistic. He believes that compared with the catering and tourism industries, his losses are not much. Haircut is just needed, and most people do not have the skills to cut and dye their hair. With the control and improvement of the epidemic, the business of the hairdressing industry will gradually recover, and even the demand for haircuts will rise over time.

"What we can do now is to do a good job of epidemic protection and wait for the spring." Liu Zhuo said, "The first haircut peak 'February 2' is coming soon. We have already done disinfection and online Preparations such as making appointments, hope that after this, the peak of each industry will come. "(Zhongxin Jingwei APP)

(At the request of the interviewee, Zhao Qing and Cheng Wen are pseudonyms in the text)

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